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WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference 2016


With competition taking a more prominent role in the future of the industry, there has never been a more critical time for water companies to innovate. Economic, environmental and regulatory challenges coupled with the introduction of retail competition to the non-household market has meant an enhanced emphasis on water industry innovation. Keeping costs low while driving efficiency and customer-focused solutions has never been more of a challenge and as such novel technological solutions are more essential than ever.

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Nov. 29, 2016
Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre Smallbrook Queensway
Birmingham , UK

Building on the success of the last four years, the 5th Annual WWT Industry Technology Innovation Conference and Exhibition will address the effect of competition on the industry, consider the role of the customer in innovation strategies, and explore how to best trial new processes whilst also mitigating risk.

The conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear how their peers are implementing game-changing innovative solutions, learn how to break down barriers to change and explore how to drive innovative thinking across their businesses.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham for what promises to be an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

The essential event for water industry professionals looking to develop novel technological solutions and drive innovative business strategies. 

Attend this CPD-certified conference to:

  • Find out how to break down barriers to instigate change
  • Learn which technology game-changers could positively impact your business
  • Hear how your peers are implementing innovative solutions
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities in collaborating with the supply chain
  • Understand the role of people and processes in driving innovation

This event is relevant to all senior managers and directors working within the water sector, including utilities, contractors, solution providers, consultants, investors, government and academia responsible for:

  • Innovation
  • Research & development (R&D)
  • Technology / technical knowledge
  • Engineering
  • Asset management, wastewater and operations
  • Finance / investment
  • Sustainability, energy and climate change
  • Strategy & regulation

In addition to: 

  • Investors
  • Suppliers & technology providers
  • Government
  • Academia

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