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  • Quick and Clamp Connector Valve
    Showcase Product

    Quick and Clamp Connector Valve

    By Hartmann Valves GmbH

    HARTMANN VALVES gear of the Quick and Clamp connector series are classic, proven a million times over, and manufactured and available in the standard sizes.  The HARTMANN VALVES quick change clamp, in the classic ...

  • Heavy Duty Jacks
    Showcase Product

    Heavy Duty Jacks

    By SCAFCO Grain Systems Co.

    Heavy Duty Jacks have a lifting capacity of 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg). Industrial strength pipe legs allow a lifting height of 8’ 3” (2.51 m) with 1/4”
(6 mm) aircraft cable. 12:1 Single speed winch ...

  • Subsea Satellite Mooring Beacon
    Showcase Product

    Subsea Satellite Mooring Beacon

    By Fastwave

    Moorings at 5000m? .... No Problem. The Sable 5000 Subsurface Iridium Satellite Mooring Location Beacon continuously monitors for unplanned or accidental release of subsurface instrument moorings. Oceanographic and ...

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