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release limit (Accidental Releases) equipment

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    Hilliard - Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch

    The Hilliard Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch provides adjustable, on-the-fly overload protection by using air pressure to regulate torque. Air pressure puts force on the balls placed inside the pockets in the clutch, and provides the means for torque transmission. By adjusting the air pressure, the overload torque can be increased or decreased ...

    By Hilliard Corporation based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA). from Industrial Clutches - Torque Limiting Clutches Product line

  • Deimos - Model AC A - Electromechanical Limit Switch

    Range of residential operators for sliding gates weighing up to 800 Kg. Electromechanical limit switch, 230V supply power. Release lever with personalised key: the release lever simplifies motor release and the personalized key ensures its uniqueness, for better safety. Front screws: this arrangement of the casing screws offers ease and ...

    By Bft based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sliding Gate Automation Systems Product line

  • Model JMK-DT09 - Actuator

    Voltage:24V / 36VDC Max.Load:10000N Max.Speed:11mm/s Standard Stroke:50-400mm Hall/POT Limit Switch  Can Quick Release

  • Radblock - Model 200 - 65mg Scored Coated Tablet

    Thyroid blocking agent. for use in nuclear emergencies involving the release of radioiodine. This medication is to be used in addition to measures to avoid exposure to radiation, such as evacuation,shelter,and agriculture and food measures to limit the sale and ingestion of radioiodine contaminated food.

    By KI Canada ltd. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from RadBlock Potassium Iodide Product line

  • Model FRP - Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly

    HMAX Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipes feature a tube of FRP with a gel coated interior for easy release of grease or solids, limiting build-up. Wall bearings are made of long lasting UHMW-PE material. Lightweight, easy to install this scum pipe will eliminate all corrosion and unsightly build-up, common with carbon steel and even stainless steel ...

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Environmental Products - Scum Skimmer Pipes Product line

  • Simple One - Chairside Amalgam Separator

    The Mercury (Hg) content of dental-unit wastewater has become increasingly important to the dental profession and regulations limiting its release into the environment are becoming more pervasive. Hg is a toxic element that persists in the environment and bioaccumulates in the food chain. It remains among the top twenty hazardous substances listed ...

    By DDShgSolutions based in Spring Grove, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Stripping Tower

    The sewage to deal it is pumped in the upper part of the tower and sprayed down to the bottom, there it meets the air flow in counter-current pushed by the fan. This phase allows of the passage from the liquid status to the gaseous one of the polluting. The air then passes through a chemical Scrubber for the cleaning of the polluting to reach the ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Air Treatments Product line

  • TTA - Model M8FD - Emergency Air Drop Device

    Carbon fiber and aviation aluminum、light and tough. The whole machine is foldable and convenient to transport.Quick released structure.(obtained patent). Easy to maintain. Easy to operate、easy to maintain、users are capable to drive the machine after 7-10days training(supply free training at Beijing TTA). High ...

    By Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co.Ltd (TTA) based in Changping District Beijing, CHINA. from Security UAV Product line

  • Radiation Monitor

    The BOX COUNTER system is designed to perform a fast gamma radiation monitoring of laundry, waste bags, tools and other small objects. The system measures the radioactive contamination of the items placed inside the measuring chamber, and compares the result with the release limits. System statuses such as alarm events and ...

    By Else Nuclear S.r.l. based in Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI), ITALY. from Nuclear Industry and Research Product line

  • Vortex - Rotary Atomiser Fan System

    The best-selling Rotary Atomiser Fan system is specifically designed to primarily treat localised odour problems. This robust system can be wall mounted or sited on an optional floor stand, allowing it to be quickly moved into position to effectively neutralise odour whenever and wherever it occurs. Its immediate availability on-site for emergency ...

    By Air Spectrum Environmental Limited based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vortex - Fans And Atomisers Product line

  • IMS - Model EVS-150 - Wet Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems

    The EVS-150 emergency chlorine scrubber is a multi-stage wet scrubber system designed to treat chlorine vapors from a bank of 1501b (70kg) chlorine cylinders, at leak rates of 28 Ibs/min or more, exceeding the requirement of the Uniform Fire Code. The EVS-150 system is designed to maintain negative pressure in the chlorination and chlorine storage ...

    By Integrity Municipal Systems (IMS) based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wet Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems Product line

  • TraXMaX

    Following the successful release of TRAXMAX from Recycled in Orsett Limited The 100% recycled Ceramic product ideal for Paths and decorative aggregate solutions. The range comprises of a 9-5mm and a 13mm product for paths and driveways also especially good for golf Courses due to its mower friendly nature and its angular properties which makes it ...

    By Recycled in Orsett Ltd (RIO) based in Orsett, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EXPO Water Evaporation/Reduction Heater for 55 gal Steel Drum

    Unique heater fits standard 55 gallon steel drums, reduces the amount of waste requiring disposal. Rugged aluminized steel housing. Thermostat and high temperature limit cut-off switch automatically shuts off heater when water is reduced. Thermostat range 70º – 250º F. Operates on 240 volts, single phase, 3000 watts. Heater supplied with 6´ cord ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model TM48-GRS - Hydraulic Down Pressure Posthole Digger

    TM48-GRS hydraulic down pressure posthole digger with dual leveling cylinder kit fits category 1, 2, 3, three point lift tractors with three remote hydraulic valves. Drills to 60'.*Dual cylinders in place of screw type leveling brace. *Hydraulic top link to fit in place of manual tractor top link. *Rigid frame with hydraulic down pressure. *Heavy ...

    By Pacific West Equipment based in Los Banos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from TM48 Hydraulic Down Pressure Posthole Digger Product line

  • Speedy Umbrella - Two-Wheel Front Drive Harvester

    Two-wheel front drive and one free rear wheel. Speedy is characterized by a high harvest efficiency due to its great agility in reduced space since the three wheels permit a 360° turn to the machine. User-friendly harvester controlled by a joystick. The vibrating head is mounted on the telescopic arm and is hanged by anti-vibration supports, ...

    By Sicma S.r.l. based in Acconia di Curinga (CZ), ITALY. from Machines Product line

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