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Acoustic Emissions equipment for Health and Safety

  • Lifumat-Met - Remelting Unit

    Remelting unit for sample preparation for spectroscopy (XRF, ICP, AAS, X-Emission) and scrap recycling, gas and vacuumtight. 3.3 - 30 kW

    By Linn High Therm GmbH based in Eschenfelden, GERMANY. from Remelting Unit Product line

  • Cables for Sensor Technology

    Excellent process reliability through high quality standards. We can be taken seriously as a partner only if we can guarantee excellent process reliability. We are keenly aware of this fact and we meet the challenge by enforcing the highest quality standards found anywhere in the cable industry.

    By Kabelwerke Villingen GmbH (KWV) based in Villingen, GERMANY.

  • Model ASL - Marine Series Instrument

    ASL instrument is designed for marine and on-land applications for liquid detection, pump control, water ingress alarm systems, overfilling protection on liquids with or without foam. ASL works on Valcom® proprietary principle of distributed acoustic waves in a metal rod. If the rod is not covered by the liquid the acoustic waves are dispersed ...

    By Valcom based in Milano (MI), ITALY.

  • Braden - Exhaust Systems

    Braden is THE market leader in Exhaust Bypass, Simple Cycle, Exhaust Diffuser, and Exhaust Expansion Joint applications. Our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience allows us to design systems that will best meet your unique needs, including stringent specifications for space, pressure drop, emissions, and acoustics. Most often, we are ...

    By Braden Manufacturing LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Insulating Pads

    Our insulating pads are used wherever acoustic and thermal emissions have a marked influence on the surroundings. Due to the installation-friendly design of the insulating pads you can carry out installation independently without tools so that no outside intervention in your processes is necessary. The version of our pads is available with clamp ...

    By BBM Gerber Technologie GmbH based in Dortmund, GERMANY. from Insulating Pads Product line

  • Wille - Polyaxial Testing Systems

    This unique experimental testing system is a customized solution used to study the behaviour of rock under various dimensional and compressive stress regimes (σ1 ≠ σ2 ≠ σ3). This fits to the research goals of geothermal energy researchers, hydrologists, petroleum reservoir engineers and researchers in the mining section, ...

    By APS Antriebs, Prüf- und Steuertechnik GmbH based in Rosdorf, GERMANY. from Polyaxial Testing Systems Product line

  • STDS - Model Premodrill 50 - Drilling Rig

    The own developed STDS-Jantz drilling rig Premodrill 50 sets new dimensions to the well drilling industry.Premodrill 50 convinces with its simple operation via a remote control panel for driving , all drilling functions and also winch, mud pump and hydraulic casing extraction clamp.

    By STDS-Jantz GmbH based in Attendorn, GERMANY.

  • EmiControls - Model V7 - Dust Abatement Sprayers

    The V7 is the the V12 dust controller’s little sister. The patented nozzle head on the V7 is fitted in the axial direction in the turbine and achieves a much higher projection range than comparable nozzle configurations. It has a booster pump and can therefore also be used with the turbine switched off. The user-friendly remote control ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Dust Abatement Sprayers Product line

  • FieldCAL - Hand Held AE Signal Generator

    So how do you make sure all your new and existing Acoustic Emission products are calibrated and performing at maximum capacity –- the FieldCAL. MISTRAS' low-cost, hand-held AE signal generator is battery-powered and can produce all the necessary AE signals to verify the correct operation of AE sensors, preamplifiers and AE systems -– ...

    By Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) based in Princeton Jct, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Hand Held AE Signal Generator Product line

  • Model 0/2/4 - Single Ended and Differential Voltage Preamplifier with Switch Selectable Gain

    The 0/2/4 is a voltage preamplifier with switch-selectable gain ranges of 0, 20, and 40 decibels. The 0/2/4, along with the 2/4/6, represent Physical Acoustics’ premium series of general purpose preamplifiers, meant for laboratory use when the gain or frequency bandwidth needed for the application is not known in advance.

  • EmiControls - Model L3 - Dust Abatement Sprayers

    The L3 lance is the first dust-control lance on the market. It is a compact and user-friendly solution for close-range applications. It works without a turbine, allowing it to get near to the source of dust. The spray action can be narrow and flat, fan-shaped or cylindrical, depending on the requirements in any given case. With its flexible spray ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Dust Abatement Sprayers Product line

  • AviTrac - Model 9M - Acoustic Bird Repeller

    AviTrac system is an innovative and patent-pending technology, developped by AgriProTech company. AviTrac bird repeller emits distress calls and predator calls in order to create a stressful environment for any pest bird. Efficient on many species such as crows, pigeons, starlings, gulls ...

    By AgriProTech based in Mellac, FRANCE. from Acoustic Bird Repeller Product line

  • Model BFL 914 - Engines for Generator Sets

    Air-cooled 3 to 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engines in inline arrangement. 4- and 6-cylinder engines also with turbocharging and optional charge air cooling. Low noise emissions due to acoustically optimized components with very smooth running and high durability. Also available with an electronic motor regulator (EMR) to allow easy integra- ...

    By DEUTZ AG based in Köln (Porz-Eil), GERMANY. from Engines for Generator Sets Product line

  • EmiControls - Model V12SM - Dust Abatement Sprayers

    The V12Sm is the mobile solution to all your dust problems. It was designed on a platform so as to be loaded by any truck with a 6m (20 foot) loading bridge. It is the ideal solution for all the applications where the lack of water and power does not allow the use of standard equipment. The system can operate autonomously up to a maximum of 8 ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Dust Abatement Sprayers Product line

  • Commercial Industrial

      Precision Custom Components, LLC (PCC), has the know-how and manufacturing capabilities to build more than just heavy walled vessels. The products are highly engineered components enhanced by specialized welding techniques that PCC has developed. Vessels are a strong suit with us, but we have done much more for our customers in the ...

    By Precision Custom Components based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Commercial Nuclear

    Precision Custom Components, LLC (PCC) is a world leader in the manufacture of spent nuclear fuel containers and equipment. Our value-based engineering and demanding quality standards yield the best results even with challenging projects, both domestic and international.

    By Precision Custom Components based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • ABS - Cavitation Suceptibility Meter

    Research & Development at Dynaflow, Inc. has yielded a new product, the ABS Cavitation Susceptibility MeterTM (ABS-CSMTM) based on an acoustic technique to generate and measure cavitation inception in a liquid. This product is now offered to users to enable quantification of the cavitation susceptibility, also known as liquid ...

    By Dynaflow, Inc. based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA).

  • N.U.B. Premodrill - Model 50 - Drilling Rigs

    The own developed STDS-Jantz drilling rig Premodrill 50 sets new dimensions to the well drilling industry. Premodrill 50 convinces with its simple operation via a remote control panel for driving , all drilling functions and also winch, mud pump and hydraulic casing extraction clamp.

    By N.U.B. Engineering Limited based in Motherwell, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EmiControls - Model V12S - Emission Controls Unit

    The fully-automatic V12S offers a universal, powerful and super silent environmentally-friendly dust control solution. The high-performance turbine with linear injection geometry of the water is an optimal solution for very precise throw. The turbine has the ability to run at 2 speeds giving the turbine the flexibility to throw the atomized water ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Emission Controls Unit Product line

  • Model PFM 92 C - Filter Controller

    The filter controller consists of an isolated probe which is installed in the clean gas channel. The complete electronic is integrated in the probe head. No additional control unit is required. The charge transferred by contact and triboelectric processes is derived as current, converted in the evaluation unit, amplified and provided as norm ...

    By Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG based in Markranstädt, GERMANY. from Filter Controller Product line

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