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Acoustic Insulation equipment for Health and Safety

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    Sierra - Engine & Vehicle Test Beds - Test Facility Ventilation Systems

    When compared to commercial HVAC-based solutions, our expertise is particularly valuable for sizing the ventilation system components for use in engine and powertrain applications with associated high changeable loads. Sierra designs and constructs custom ventilation systems to reduce the environmental variability that can effect ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Engine & Vehicle Test Beds - Test Facility Ventilation Systems Product line

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    Ceiling Guard - Model CSS-2000 - Water Alert Detector

    Water Alert Detector. Unit shall be used to terminate Ceiling Guard zones when a CGM monitor is used. Unit shall provide audible alarm and signal the CGM monitor if any sensing tray in the zone has water on it or is disconnected. Unit shall be powered from the CGM monitor. 5 conductor wiring required ( Dorlen type “E”). All ...

    By Dorlen Products Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Alert Detector Product line

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    Ceiling Guard - Model SS-2000 - Floor Water Leak Detector Alert

    SS-2000 Water Alert Detector. Unit shall be used as a floor detector when a CGM monitor is used. Unit shall provide audible alarm and signal the CGM monitor of any water leakage sensed. Unit shall be powered from the CGM monitor. 3 conductor wiring required ( Dorlen type 'D'). All installation / operation manuals and warranty to be included with ...

    By Dorlen Products Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Floor Water Leak Detector Alert Product line

  • Silo Loading

    These units allow material to be loaded quickly and easily into silos from any source. They are fitted with durable positive displacement pumps and can load materials in silos up to 60mts high.

    By AB Systems Ltd. based in Worminghall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Silo Loading Product line

  • Vent Silencers

    Vent silencers are used in conjunction with systems that utilize a pressure relief valve (PRV). Typical applications for vent silencers are in oil and gas, industrial and chemical processing, heat recovery systems and steam boilers. Universal AET’s vent silencers are used around the world in many applications. We have particular expertise as ...

    By B&W Universal based in Stoughton, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Beirens - Welded Exhausts System

    BEIRENS welded exhausts ensure the perfect safety, improved performance and good structural resistance of your installation. 100 % watertight, thanks to a continuous welding, BEIRENS exhausts are in compliance with standards in force. BEIRENS welded exhausts can be used to connect all types of new or existing appliances: engines, turbines, ...

    By Beirens SAS based in BUZANCAIS, FRANCE. from Welded Exhausts System Product line

  • AGS - Soundproof Acoustic Doors

    The effectiveness of many installations is determined by the quality and effectiveness of the commercial soundproof doors used. This is because doors are necessary to provide the required access, but also must prevent noise breakout which would compromise the effectiveness of the overall project. Doors can be manufactured in mild steel, stainless ...

    By AGS Noise Control Ltd based in Leicestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model YXP10RSC - 10KVA Canopied Diesel Generator

    Prime output: This rating is applicable for supplying continuous electrical power at variable load. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation and this model can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour in 12 hours. Standby output: This rating is applicable for supplying electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power ...

    By Yorpower Ltd based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM. from 10KVA Canopied Diesel Generator Product line

  • Sound Proof Curtains

    Acoustical curtains are both noise barriers and noise absorbers. They are quilted fiber glass blankets designed to absorb unwanted sound and block noise from passing through them using a 1lb per square foot barrier septum. They are often called ,acoustical curtain enclosures, acoustic curtains,acoustic drapes,acoustical curtains panels,industrial ...

    By Envirotech Gensets Pvt. Ltd. based in Noida, INDIA. from Sound Proof Curtains Product line

  • Model AEK-2002 - Acoustic Enclosure

    Herzan's Most Popular SPM Enclosure! The AEK-2002 is Herzan's best selling acoustic enclosure to date, supplying AFM manufacturers and users with the perfect combination of high quality design and high performance acoustic isolation. With numerous premium features that come standard with every AEK-2002, additional customizable options can be ...

    By Herzan LLC based in Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Acoustic Enclosure Product line

  • Impact - Matrix Master

    The Impact Matrix Master offers a flexible mobile solution to your waste matrix needs without having to install a central waste system.Designed to handle sticky matrix / lattice waste and edge trims from the label production process, this versatile mobile unit incorporates design cues from our tried and tested central matrix extraction systems. ...

    By Impact Air Systems based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Matrix Master Product line

  • Direct-Attached Ceiling Panels

    Tectum Direct Attached Ceiling Panels deliver all of the benefits you expect from Tectum products: superior abuse-resistance, a unique textured beauty and an NRC of up to 1.00.  Also, these panels offer the added benefit of attaching directly to joists for a classic finish.  Tectum acoustical panels can take repeated abuse and still ...

    By Armstrong World Industries based in Newark, OHIO (USA). from Direct-Attached Ceiling Panels Product line

  • ACP - Beam and Block Floors

    Precast concrete beam and block is the rapid solution to high quality, economical concrete floor construction. Concrete beam and block floors are constructed using prestressed concrete beams supporting standard concrete blocks spanning between ‘T’ beams. These are available in a range of sizes to suit various spans and loads. ...

    By ACP (Concrete) Ltd. based in Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM. from Beam and Block Floors Product line

  • Emtec - Acoustic Louvres

    Emtec Acoustic Louvres are external weather louvres with acoustically absorbent blade elements specifically designed to reduce the level of noise passing through the opening into which the louvre is mounted. Emtec Acoustic Louvres are typically used in the following circumstances: The control of mechanical fan noise, Plantroom ventilation, General ...

    By Emtec Products Ltd. based in Middlesex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Acoustic Louvres Product line

  • Enfonic - Sound Insulation Testing System

    Airborne Sound Insulation tests are performed using the advanced Type 2250 Sound Level Analyser running BZ7228 software. The software complies with all standards and the hardware provides a stable and powerful noise output featuring wireless connectivity between the analyser and amplifier. The 2250's intuitive ease of use makes the job of ...

    By Enfonic Noise & Vibration Solutions based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sound Insulation Testing System Product line

  • Model W Series - Enclosures

    The W Series is designed for a Residual noise of 65 dB (A) ± 3 to 7 mt. 11 models with a range power from 6 up to 1500 kVA. Base frame: manufactured from press-formed galvanized steel sheet. pressed steel cross-members to support engine and alternator; Powder coating paint finish using RAL color 9005; end and bottom closures; galvanized ...

    By Dmeco Engineering S.r.l. based in Gioia del Colle, ITALY.

  • Noise-Lock - Acoustic Doors

    Since 1949 IAC Acoustics has installed more than 100,000 sound control doors in a wide variety of applications with STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings from STC 43 to STC 64 and NIC 70 assembly. All IAC sound-rated door designs are tested in the IAC NVLAP accredited Aero-Acoustic Laboratory. Of greater importance is consistently high in-field ...

    By IAC Acoustics based in NORTH AURORA, ILLINOIS (USA). from Acoustic Doors Product line

  • Ceramic Blankets

    High temperature ceramic insulation products offer cost effective solutions for your most demanding heat management applications. Ceramic blanket insulation provides excellent insulation properties, including low thermal conductivity and heat storage. Pacor Inc. can fabricate a variety of ceramic blanket products. Contact a Pacor insulation ...

    By Pacor Inc based in Bordentown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Ceramic Blankets Product line

  • Alter - Model ZS-12 - Power Supply Adapter

    ZS-12 adapter is designed to power the warning light panel OTS-12 or other signaling devices such as acoustic-optical siren TSZ-4D. With it, you can control devices powered DC 12V / 0.5A from AC voltage 230VAC/50Hz. 230VAC/50Hz modulation signal may be derived from the output relays ALTER SA detection equipment such as SMART, SDG, SDO, MSMR.

    By Alter SA based in Tarnowo Podg├│rne, POLAND. from Power Supply Adapter Product line

  • Acoustiblok - All Weather Sound Panels

    Our patented All Weather Sound Panels give you high sound transmission loss coupled with high sound absorption, all in a weather resistant package. We engineered these incredibly durable and easily maintained panels specifically to resist the most rigorous industrial uses and outdoor environments. The panels present an amazing profile of just ...

    By Acoustiblok based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from All Weather Sound Panels Product line

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