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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Doel Power Station - Case Study

    Doel Power Station - Case Study

    Location: Belgium Project Date: 1996 Project: Doel Nuclear Power Plant Product: Spa Species: Herring and Sprat Electrabel approached Fish Guidance Systems Ltd in 1996 to help reduce the numbers of fish ...


  • Royal Navy on target with MASS

    Royal Navy on target with MASS

    MetOcean Telematics (MetOcean), is pleased to announce that it will supply the Royal Navy with its new Maritime Acoustic Scoring and Simulation System (MASS).  The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded MetOcean an extensive contract ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Water Sampler, 60L

    Water Sampler, 60L

    The GO-FLO sampling bottle feature a close-open-close operation. Opens automatically (hydrostatic pressure activated) at approximately 10 meters (33 feet), then flushes until closed by standard GO Devil messenger (model 1000-MG) individually, serially, or sequentially by remote command with a model 1015 Rosette® multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control. Inert gas can ...