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Air Microbial equipment for Health and Safety

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    Buck-BioAire - Model B6 - Single Stage Microbial Sampler

    The Buck-BioAire B6 Single Stage Microbial Sampler makes the collection and assessment of aerosol samples fast and easy. A Petri dish containing appropriate agar medium is placed in the impactor and a sample of air is drawn. The Petri dish is removed, recovered, incubated, and counted by an accepted method.

    By A. P. Buck Inc. based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA). from Single Stage Microbial Sampler Product line

  • Model TB Series - UV Air Cleaners

    The TB UV air cleaners are designed to reduce upper air microbial contamination. TB germicidal UV air sterilizers feature adjustable louvers to direct the ultraviolet rays while protecting personnel and providing maximum germicidal UV irradiation of the air. The TB UV cleaners are constructed of high grade stainless steel with an alzak aluminum ...

    By American Air & Water, Inc. based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from UV Air Cleaners Product line

  • Emtek - Model P100 - Portable Air Sampler

    The P100 Microbial Air Sampler offers two CPU controlled sampling rates, 28.3 LPM (1 CFM), and 100 LPM, to allow for continuous monitoring of critical processes, or to take quick cubic meter “grab samples”. The sampled air volume is HEPA filtered prior to being exhausted at the unit, or remotely through optional attachments. The unit ...

    By Emtek, LLC based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Purair - Model PCR - Laminar Flow Cabinet

    The PURAIR PCR workstation offers protection by laminar flow for PCR amplification handlings that are extremely sensitive to contamination with ease of UV decontamination and sterilization cycles.

    By Air Science USA based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Laminar Flow Cabinet Product line

  • AgriAir - Model 2200 PG - Air Purifiers System

    The AgriAir 2200 PG air purifier is designed for highly sensitive environments at risk of bio-contamination such as cannabis drying, trimming and packaging areas. The 2200 PG contains a medical grade HEPA filter and two photo-catalytic generators that work together to eliminate even sub-micron particulates in the air and prevent microbial ...

    By AgriAir Equipment - a Brand by Omnitec Design Inc based in Mukilteo, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model ES-20 - Orbital Benchtop Shaker-Incubator

    The ES-20 is a compact bench–top Shaker–Incubator used for mixing of biological liquids as well as for incubation and cultivation of biological liquids according to the operator set program. Built–in microprocessor thermocontroller provides constant temperature control in  the incubator chamber. Forced heated air circulation ...

    By Biosan, Ltd based in Riga, LATVIA. from Orbital Benchtop Shaker-Incubator Product line

  • Model BA-1200 - Commercial Air Duct Purifier

    The solution for commercial spaces up to 25,000 sq. ft. Highly effective in removing odors caused by microbial contamination such as mold. Custom pre-programming to fit your space. Fast, simple and affordable installation. Automatic purification system for large homes, offices and commercial spaces up to 25,000 sq. ft.  Directly taps into air ...

    By Better Air LLC based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from Commercial Air Duct Purifier Product line

  • Climet - Model CI-90 & CI-90+ - Airborne Microbial Sampler

    Aseptic environments used in the manufacture of sterile products must be monitored in accordance with regulatory standards.  The CI-90 uses the highly effective and time proven active impaction method.  This collects air through a perforated head, and microorganisms are impacted onto a standard 90 mm petri dish placed into the ...

    By Climet Instruments Company based in Redlands, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Airborne Microbial Sampler Product line

  • SPAN - Model INC-080 - Dry Blood Collection Card

    The dry blood collection card contains chemically treated paper for preservation of RNA &DNA in the sample. The sample is stabilized preventing microbial or environmental degradation. It is easy to use.Materials provided: collection card in a foil pouch with & desiccant bag.One zip-lock bag.&large shipping envelope with instruction printed on ...

    By Span Biotech Ltd based in shenzhen, CHINA.

  • Unsaturated Vertical Flow Systems (VF)

    Unsaturated vertical flow (VF) systems are essentially the same as the horizontal flow systems in that they comprise a lined excavation. Unlike the horizontal flow reed bed the vertical flow is not constantly flooded but free draining. The effluent is applied in a batch process across the surface of the bed until the surface is ...

    By ARM Ltd. based in Rugeley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Winix - Model HR1000 - Air Purifier System

    The WINIX HR1000 Air Purifier combines advanced air cleaning technologies with user centric elegant design, to create an elite member of the Winix family; best used in any area of the home. Sporting a 5-Stage air purification system with Washable Pre-Filter, Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter, Anti-microbial True HEPA Filter and WINIX ...

    By Winix America Inc. based in Vernon Hills, ILLINOIS (USA). from Air Purifier System Product line

  • PENTA - Model 2X - Mobile UV Sterilization

    The PENTA UV Bio-Wall is a self contained fully mobile decontamination unit. Equipped with a pre-timer and operational timer, the PENTA will bask surfaces and air in unoccupied areas delivering incredible concentrations of UVC (254nm) Germicidal energy destroying microbial contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and mold.

    By Sanuvox Technologies Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Mobile UV Sterilization Product line

  • MicroBio - Model MB2-RSH - Isolator Microbial Air Sampler

    The MicroBio MB2-RSH isolator microbial air sampler has a host of features making it ideal for use in sealed compartments, research, clean rooms, pharmaceutical validation and throughout hospitals. Capable of using both 90 mm Petri dishes or 55 mm contact plates, readily available at low cost with a variety of media makes the MicroBio a very ...

    By Cantium Scientific Limited based in Dartford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hyrbrid - Microbial & Total Air Particulate Diffuser

    EMTEK to learn about our new High Pressure Diffuser (HPD) for sampling of compressed Air/Gas Systems for Microbial Contaminants with our P100, or V100/RCG Microbial Air Samplers and/or Total Particulates via Laser Particle Counter.  The new HPD is Electropolished 316SS & allows for HEPA filtration of the exhausted volume.  The unit ...

    By Emtek, LLC based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • ActivTek - Model AP3000 - Portable Whole Home/Office System

    The AP3000 substantially reduces odors, visible smoke from the air, and microbial populations on surfaces*, commonly found in the average home or office environment. AP3000 also utilizes needlepoint ionization, pulsating negative/positive ion field generator, corona discharge air freshener, and the patent pending ActivePure technology consisting ...

    By ActivTek Global, LLC based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model BA-008 - Refill Cartridge

    Replacement Cartridge for BetterAir BA-008 Eco-Balancing System. The Cartridge is intended to be replaced every 70-90 days. – 3.8 fl. oz.

    By Better Air LLC based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from Refill Cartridge Product line

  • PMT - Model SMA P100 - Microbial Sampling Impaction

    Designed of 316L mirror-finished Stainless Steel. Calibrated air flow. Digital readout in cubic feet per minutes or liters. 1 CFM (28.3LPM) and/or 5 CFM (141.5LPM) flow rates. Dual user preset sampling volumes. Utilizes the SMA Atrium top that can be completely sterilized via steam, heat or ETO. 10' high by 6' wide. 12 pounds. 8 hour continuous ...

    By PMT Particle Measuring Technique (GB) Ltd. based in Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM. from Microbial Sampling Impaction Product line

  • Emtek - Model R2S - Remote Slit Sampler

    The R2S Microbial Air Sampler incoporates industry standard Slit-to-Agar methodology with comparable microbial recovery/sensitivity, offering a highly accurate analysis of air quality. The R2S is designed for monitoring clean rooms, LAF Hoods and Isolators, but can be employed for monitoring in virtually any critical environment. It is designed to ...

    By Emtek, LLC based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Seal N Dry - Open Breather Remote Mount System

    The Seal 'N' Dry is a patented hydraulic system filter. Installed at the breather port, the Seal 'N' Dry creates a closed vent variable volume system with an internal drying filter. The desiccant dryer alters the interior environment to eliminate condensation and microbial activity. Contamination from outside air ingression is eliminated.

    By Inventive Resources Inc. based in Salida, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • AgriAir - Model PAC - Air Purifier System

    The AgriAir PAC air purifiers are designed for highly sensitive environments at risk of bio-contamination, such as cannabis drying, trimming and packaging areas. They effectively eliminate mold spores, powdery mildew, viruses, VOC’s, odors and even sub-micron particulates, preventing any microbial contamination of your final cannabis ...

    By AgriAir Equipment - a Brand by Omnitec Design Inc based in Mukilteo, WASHINGTON (USA).

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