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  • Selenium removal from surface water - Case Study

    Selenium removal from surface water - Case Study

    Overview Selenium concentration in this mine-influenced surface water was an average of 160 ppb, well in excess of the EPA-recommended standard of 5 ppb. These elevated concentrations pose potential toxicological concerns due to bioaccumulation in aquatic species, resulting in potential reproductive and developmental deformities. Reverse osmosis (RO) was selected for this project due to


  • Shutting down a toxic trade

    Shutting down a toxic trade

    With nearly 100 countries on board, an international agreement which bans the exporting of toxic waste from developed to developing countries has entered into force. While this landmark move will help protect the environment and ensure that poor ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Decontamination Misting Shower

    Portable Decontamination Misting Shower

    Support your COVID-19 containment strategies with this portable decontamination misting shower, suitable for the decontamination of PPE prior to removal or within hygiene facilities for the general public. The unit is provided with a 15 litre cylinder which should be filled with the appropriate non-toxic disinfectant/electrolysed water. A self-sanitising mat sits at the base of the unit offering ...