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Model 25mm PCM 0.8μ - Asbestos Air Monitoring Cassette

by Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc.(ems)     based in North Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Please note: A single order will come in a box containing 50 cassettes. A case of cassettes will require a purchase of 10 boxes.

ems - Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) Air Sampling Pump

by Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc     based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Introducing the ems NOA (Naturally Occurring Asbestos) Air Sampling Pump, and AC/DC extended service air sampling system! Asbestiform minerals occur naturally in rock and soil as the result of natural geologic processes, and are also found in many areas of the country. Naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) can take the form of long, thin, separable ...


by Weldlag Environmental Group     based in leyland, UNITED KINGDOM

Asbestos is a mineral which is made up of minute fibres measuring less than 3 microns long by 1 micron thick. Put into context, a human hair is between 60 and 140 microns thick!

Clean-air - Model Asbest - High Efficiency Breathing Protection Mask

by Spring Protezione S.r.l.     based in Vignola, ITALY

CA Asbest unit attached directly to the full face mask. CA Asbest unit worn on the belt and connected to the mask by a hose.

Asbestos and Lead Consulting Services

by Performance Environmental Services, Inc.     based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA)

Both asbestos and lead are hazardous materials that can cause serious illness if inhaled or ingested. Although the use of asbestos has decreased substantially, buildings can still contain it and workers can still be exposed, primarily through microscopic particles in the air. People can be exposed to lead in a variety of manufacturing, building ...

ABCOV - Asbestos Removal Process

by ABCOV Companies     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Destroys all 6 Forms of Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials, addresses all Hazardous and Mixed Waste Asbestos Inventories, non-thermal, Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Approved, Commercially Proven, fixed-Base or Mobile, Modular System and Scalable to Meet Customers Needs.

Asbestos and Synthetic Mineral Fibres

by TÜV Nord Gruppe     based in Hamburg, GERMANY

In the context of asbestos investigation, we determine the asbestos limits and use material analysis to report about potential risks. Both asbestos and synthetic mineral fibers (SMF) can cause serious adverse health effects. In particular, for the renovation of buildings pollutants can be released that make an asbestos investigation or a ...

Asbestos Characterisation Analyses

by AxxonLab Inc.     based in Ville Mont-Royal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Asbestos is a friable fibrous mineral related to magnesium silicates that is highly appreciated for its excellent insulating, fireproofing and refractory properties. There are several types of asbestos, including, among the most frequently used forms, chrysotile or « white » asbestos, and the amphibole class with its five varieties ...

Model BDX-II - Low-Cost Personal Air Sampling Pump

by NVM Limited Ireland     based in Drogheda, IRELAND

Low-Cost Personal Air Sampling Pump For Lead And Asbestos Abatement Applications. The Gilian BDX-II is an economical air sampling pump designed specifically for abatement and lead applications. It is a compact and rugged air sampling pump optimized for sample methods between 500 cc/min and 3000 cc/min. The BDX-II is powered by a rechargeable NiCd ...

OmniAire OmniForce - Model II - Modular HEPA Air Filtration Machine

by Omnitec Design, Inc.     based in Mukilteo, WASHINGTON (USA)

Omniforce II is a modular, compact negative air machine. It is very versatile machine with high airflow, variable speed and many accessories. Easily transported and setup in two pieces, each weighing less than 50 pounds. It is ideal for work on ships, in attics, crawl spaces and other hard to access areas. This machine can be used to create ...

Gilian - Model BDX-II - Personal Air Sampling Pump (500 - 3,000 cc/min)

by Sensidyne     based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA)

The Gilian BDX-II is an economical air sampling pump designed specifically for abatement and lead applications. It is a compact and rugged air sampling pump optimized for sample methods between 500 cc/min and 3000 cc/min. The BDX-II is powered by a rechargeable NiCd battery that provides up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge.

Cartridges for Sundstrom Respirators

by AFC International, Inc.     based in DeMotte, INDIANA (USA)

Sundstrom offers a complete line of particulate and chemical cartridges for their full face and half face respirators. For multiple hazards the cartridges can be snapped together.

Airpura - Model H600 - Air Purifiers

by Airpura Industries Inc.     based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The Airpura H600 Specially designed for powerful particle filtration, the Airpura H600 offers a large true HEPA filter together with a Hl-C carbon weave filter to add basic odor and chemical filtration. A pre-filter traps larger particles. An excellent choice for asthma and allergies Helps remove the airborne particles that trigger attacks. A ...

Plasma Technology

by Tetronics (International) Ltd     based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM

Our technology is driven by our expertise. In today’s competitive marketplace, success at Tetronics is increasingly driven by our expertise in technology. We build on 50 years of experience to deliver our best-in-class clean plasma technology to meet the often complex needs of our customers across a number of material recovery and treatment ...

Viscotaq - Wrap - Anti-Corrosion Coating

by InduMar Products, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Viscotaq Wrap - Anti-corrosion coating (2”, 4”, 6”, 8” x 33’ rolls). Viscotaq Wrap is a non shielding coating in a wrap form that can be applied without primers, forming a homologue layer after application. It does not show sliding, dripping or thickness changes since it is a solid with a true melting point (around ...

Model S26 - Dust Separators

by PullmanErmator AB     based in Smedjebacken, SWEDEN

Powerful dust separator suitable for fine dust. Can handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. Equipped with a fine filter (flushable) and H13 filter which meets the asbestos requirements. An hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control are supplied as standard. Collection in Logopac (20 m plastic bag). Efficient air pulse cleaning. ...

Model S 13 - Silent Dust Separator

by PullmanErmator AB     based in Smedjebacken, SWEDEN

Silent dust separator equipped with fine filter (can be flushed) and H13 filter, which meets the asbestos requirements. Efficient air pulse cleaning. Collection in 15 litre plastic bag, also available with Longopac as an option. Socket with self-start for the connection of electric tools. 4 metre suction hose and vacuum meter for filter control. ...

Schmidt - Model BRS - Blast and Recovery Systems

by Schmidt Blasting Equipment     based in Fresno, TEXAS (USA)

The Schmidt Blast and Recovery Systems use a wide range of abrasive media to remove coatings, corrosion and other materials when blasting steel or concrete surfaces. These portable systems are ideal for jobs where traditional open-air blasting is prohibited or impractical.

Industrial Hygiene

by Concept Controls Inc     based in La Porte, TEXAS (USA)

Every industry has to manage the health and safety of their employees and work sites. If you’re responsible for managing the safety of your work site, you may face the challenge of monitoring a wide range of occupational hazards.

Model A - Bronze Solenoid Valve

by Magnatrol Valve Corporation     based in Hawthorne, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Valve opens when energized and closes when de-energized. When the coil is energized the pilot valve opens, relieving the pressure above the piston, which is then lifted from its seat by the plunger. Upon de-energizing the coil, a spring closes the pilot valve and opens a bleed passageway to permit pressure to build above the piston and seat it.

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