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Asbestos Contaminated Structures

by BAUER Resources GmbH     based in Schrobenhausen, GERMANY

For decades, asbestos was used for heat and sound insulation in buildings and in industrial plant construction. Demolition of buildings and/or substances contaminated with asbestos are dangerous tasks, which can affect the employees and their immediate surroundings.

Asbestos Management Services

by Sureclean Limited     based in Alness, UNITED KINGDOM

Asbestos surveying and removal are specialist services demanding the highest standards of operation and procedural control. Our philosophy is not only to comply with the onerous legislation pertaining to working with asbestos, but to exceed these requirements.

Asbestos Management Surveys

by Healthy Buildings International     based in Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Any building constructed before 2000 should have an Asbestos Management Survey. A comprehensive Type 2 Asbestos Survey is also valid if the asbestos survey was carried out before the introduction of HSG264 in 2010.

Asbestos Management

by Nova Consulting Group, Inc.     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

Nova’s group of asbestos professionals is dedicated to consulting, testing, and control design for asbestos containing materials.

Sample Analysis

by Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Laboratory Testing for the Identification of Asbestos: Lab opening hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:30 (24 hour drop-off service available in Manchester). The AEC laboratories offer a flexible, reliable service and understand the demands of your project. They are located within our Manchester and Rainham, Essex offices and are UKAS ...

Demolition/Recycling Services

by Bhate Environmental Associates Inc     based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA)

Bhate imploded the first-ever building on an Army installation (Ft. Myer) in the US in May 2007. More than 95% of the building materials were recycled from the demolition. Since then, Bhate has become one of the premier demolition contractors in the US. We currently hold four Facility Reduction Program contracts via the USAESC/Huntsville. As part ...

Asbestos Surveys and Bulk Sampling Services

by Sureclean Limited     based in Alness, UNITED KINGDOM

Our team is fully qualified to undertake building surveys and bulk sampling in order to locate asbestos still present within buildings, factories and installations. On a project-by-project basis the best course of action is determined, based on the condition and location of the asbestos and other local considerations.  Upon completion of the ...

Asbestos Abatement Service

by Global Wrap LLC     based in St. Augustine, FLORIDA (USA)

While Global Wrap does not encapsulate or remove contaminated materials, GW is contracted by the environmental company for the containment only. Our job is to install the environmental enclosure or containment without disturbing the asbestos or lead. When it comes to asbestos abatements, many times the Global Wrap 12 mils eliminates the labor of ...

Asbestos Services

by ECOH Management Inc.     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

From the turn of the 19-century to the early 1980′s, asbestos was processed into thousands of commercially used products. Many of these products were widely used during the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Any building constructed or renovated between the turn of the century and the early 1980′s is ...

Asbestos Project Management

by Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Asbestos projects can be very complex. AEC has a number of years experience dealing with asbestos removal contractors and projects and will plan for predictable areas of difficulty and work with all parties on site to ensure safety and understanding of the entire asbestos removal process. Asbestos project management is a core business activity for ...

Hazardous Materials Recycling Services

by GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc. (GER)     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

Hazardous materials are commonly found in many structures and building components. These materials generally include asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead paints, PCBs, fluorescent light fixtures, as well as any other regulated material which exhibits hazardous characteristics. By definition, 'hazardous materials' exist all around us. These ...

Asbestos Information Management

by Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Our web portal service is a user-friendly, interactive system allowing secure 24/7 access to all your asbestos reports and data. Using the latest mobile technology, the AEC web portal provides accurate and real-time data, keeping pace with everyone's need for improved speed, availability and accessibility. From initial enquiries, appointments and ...

Air Monitoring

by Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

AEC is UKAS accredited to ISO17025 and has a dedicated analytical team offering a 24 hours a day / 365 days a year fast response service. The team is lead by a senior analyst working in close partnership with consultants in order to deliver a professional service. With a strong reputation for consistency and quality , AEC aligns with the asbestos ...

Asbestos Survey, Test and Removal

by Angus (Asbestos Removal) Middle East LLC     based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

We are particularly renowned for our work in the field of Asbestos control, surveying, and analysis, notification to statutory bodies, removal, air clearance and final disposal in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice issued by the UK Health and Safety Executive and UAE Centre of Waste Management Services.We have fully trained professional ...

Abatement Services

by ALAMO 1     based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA)

Alamo1 provides abatement services that are primarily based on quality, safety, and experience. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our investment for the latest equipment and facilities and the ongoing development of our trained and certified professionals. All of our abatement team receives annual safety training, physical exams and ...

iATL - Airborne Asbestos Testing Services

by International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL)     based in Mt. Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Airborne concentrations of asbestos are determined by PCM and TEM. Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) is widely used to measure fiber concentrations of air samples. This is routinely done at asbestos abatement sites and can be applied for environmental monitoring, personnel monitoring, and clearance testing for minor abatement projects. The PCM ...

iATL - Soil, Sediment, Vermiculite and Erionite Services

by International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL)     based in Mt. Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The analysis of Soil and Sediment for asbestos content continues to be a valuable tool for environmental investigations (e.g. possible illegal dumping of asbestos building materials). In all, the sampling and analysis procedures developed by EPA Region I, CARB 435 and others have proven efficacy and utility for the environmental professional.

Surveying and Re-Inspections

by Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Independent Advice: AEC is an independent health, safety and environmental consultancy with no financial, or other link, to any asbestos removal contractor. Any recommendation made will be based purely on health and safety risk, giving assurance that there is no conflict of interest. Our surveyors use the latest digital tecnology that provides ...

Abestos-Containing Material Management

by Tetronics (International) Limited     based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM

The ultimate solution for asbestos disposal: Tetronics’ plasma systems use intense temperatures to combat the asbestos hazard, where other technologies fail. Plasma heat is used to melt the individual asbestos fibres, which eliminates its ability to cause detrimental harm to human health. Tetronics offer a world leading solution to dealing ...

Asbestos Assessment

by ERAtech Environmental, Inc.     based in Dayton, OHIO (USA)

ERAtech Environmental's staff include Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialists (AHES) certified by the Ohio Department of Health who have experience in the identification, detection and assessment of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) pursuant to the regulatory requirements of OAC 3701-34. Prior to any renovation or demolition activities, and to be ...

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