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  • The Trouble with Asbestos Disposal

    The Trouble with Asbestos Disposal

    Hailed as a miracle mineral because of its superior fire resistance and tensile strength, asbestos was installed abundantly into our built environment for over 200 years. However, once it was established that this undeniably useful resource was a dangerous carcinogen, Australia and many other countries enacted strict regulations for handling asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM). There ...


  • Rising cost of asbestos disposal causes industry concern

    Rising cost of asbestos disposal causes industry concern

    The asbestos removal industry is concerned about the rising cost associated with asbestos disposal according to a recent survey carried out by sister company Windsor Waste Management (WWM). The industry-wide survey carried out in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mobile Dust Collection Systems

    Mobile Dust Collection Systems

    Tri-Mer offers production-scale mobile dust collection systems to demonstrate and document equipment capability, and generate comprehensive process operating data. This is an ideal tool for validating system performance, and eliminating uncertainties prior to making a capital investment. Data gathered during the piloting is used to optimize the design of the customer’s ultimate system. ...