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  • Control Technique Dynamics Limited – Case Study

    Control Technique Dynamics Limited – Case Study

    Project Highlights Envirochem managed and offered the complete package at the best price to fit the clients time restraints and allowing continued unaffected work within the factory. Envirochem utilised asbestos licensed scaffolders, electricians, ceiling fixers, and asbestos removers. Keeping the continuation of the project and overflow of ...

  • Asbestos: Eliminating the Threat

    Asbestos: Eliminating the Threat

    While asbestos dangers are well documented, history has long avoided eliminating the threat it poses to human health. We are starting to progress in our waste habits by recycling different streams ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • External Tanking

    External Tanking

    External tanking is the coating of a waterproof membrane to the outside of a property for protection against flood risk and water damage. Consideration should be taken where solutions are needed for construction, ground water levels, ground drainage, soil type and ground contamination. The many flood control systems for external tanking include sheet membranes, pre-applied membranes, liquid ...