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Asbestos Treatment equipment for Health and Safety

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    Aquobex - External Tanking

    External tanking is the coating of a waterproof membrane to the outside of a property for protection against flood risk and water damage. Consideration should be taken where solutions are needed for construction, ground water levels, ground drainage, soil type and ground contamination. The many flood control systems for external tanking include ...

    By Aquobex Ltd. based in Didcot, UNITED KINGDOM. from Commercial Flood Product Product line

  • TCI - Asbestos PTFE Packing

    Asbestos PTFE packing is made with PTFE woven asbestos yarn, PTFE surface in the silicone fluid, and special lubricant treatment, used in stainless steel or chrome-plated shaft and will not erode them, and the high rate environment surrounding . Applicable in alkali, dilute acid, water, steam, acids, oils, alcohol and other liquids. And for ...

    By Ningbo T.C.I Co., Ltd. based in Ningbo City, CHINA. from Braided Gland Packings Product line

  • Asbestos Encapsulants

    CG Industrial Safety offers the encapsulants best suited for simple and effective management of asbestos abatement. CG Industrial Safety can formulate an encapsulation system to cost effectively protect your employees and building occupants against harmful asbestos exposure.

    By CG Industrial Safety based in Peekskill, NEW YORK (USA). from Secondary Containment & Abatement - Abatement Product line

  • LiftPac - Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag

    PacTec’s LiftPac® is the only self standing zipper-top hazardous waste bag on the market. This cubic yard bag is the perfect solution for disposal of household hazardous waste, contaminated PPE and a variety of other applications. The LiftPac® walls are constructed of rigid corrugated fiberboard allowing the bag to be self-standing, ...

    By PacTec, Inc. based in Clinton, LOUISIANA (USA). from Waste Packaging Product line

  • Thermochemical Treatment System

    The thermochemical treatment unit consists of a modular system including a waste preparation operational area, primary waste convertor, emission control system and a product handling system. The waste preparation system conditions the waste for introduction into the primary waste converter. In the converter, the waste is subjected to conditions ...

  • EnviroMaster - Thermochemical Conversion Technology

    Unique thermochemical conversion technology that destroys asbestos fibres and produces a non-hazardous product that can be used in many construction applications.

    By EnviroMaster based in WARANA, AUSTRALIA.

  • AMP - Model 100 UB - Aliphatic Modified Polyurea

    AMP 100 UB spray-applied, plural-component polyurea is a unique synergy of aliphatic and aromatic polymer chemistry. AMP 100 UB pure polyurea is formulated using amine terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, and aliphatic and aromatic prepolymers. For many applications this highly cross-linked elastomer offers an economical alternative ...

    By Specialty Products Inc. (SPI) based in Lakewood, WASHINGTON (USA). from PolyShield Product Series Product line

  • Cured In Place Piping (CIPP)

    Our product represents an exciting new application for rehabilitating piping systems and provides municipalities and engineers an alternative to traditional solvent-based resins. A non-woven liner impregnated with our resin creates a strong, durable product that repairs and rehabilitates piping systems via trenchless technology without ...

    By Andara, LLC based in Sheboygan, WISCONSIN (USA). from Applications Product line

  • FiberTech - Model F-51 - Sealer Coat for Water-Based Topcoat

    FiberTech F-51 Sealer Coat is a water-based topcoat for the FiberTech System, it was designed to form a composite system when applied over the F-50 primer . It has excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties and can stand up against ponding water on roof substrates including bituminous surfaces.

    By ECI - Environmental Coatings, Inc. based in Montclair, NEW JERSEY (USA). from FiberTech Product line

  • Asbestos Barrier System

    Asbestos management is a serious issue. Billions of dollars have been spent removing asbestos containing materials from schools, homes, and commercial buildings constructed prior to 1978. While spray compound encapsulation methods are the most common remedy for walls, ceilings, and pipes, they are unable to address one major issue… ...

    By National Asbestos Flooring Encasement Systems, INC. based in Placerville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • TrisKem - Pyrolyser

    TrisKem International has signed an agreement with Raddec International Ltd (Radiochemical & decommissioning solutions) to become sales representative for their Pyrolyser systems and the associated accessories for Europe (except UK), Russia and CIS, Africa and the Middle-East.

    By TrisKem International SAS based in Bruz, FRANCE.

  • Sublicensing for the Treatment of Asbestos Waste

    This patented thermochemical conversion technology is available for sublicensing for the treatment of asbestos waste and low level radioactive waste globally. Sublicensing opportunities offer sub licensees significant benefits in this unique technology with global intellectual property rights including: Financial gain – strong internal rate ...

  • Fiberlock - Model Lag Kote - Lagging Encapsulant for Interior and Exterior Asbestos Encapsulation

    Tested and EPA accepted at Battelle Laboratories of Columbus, Ohio, under EPA Contract #68-03-2552-T2005, Lag-Kote was found to be an acceptable encapsulant. Designed to encase spray-on fireproofing, asbestos-containing plasters and paints, transite, and asbestos-containing thermal insulation, Lag-Kote’s viscous formulation minimizes ...

    By Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Asbestos Abatement Product line

  • deconta - Model C 400 V - Water Treatment Continuous-flow Heater

    During asbestos sanitation works within closed rooms, it must be avoided that asbestos fibres leave the sanitation area and pose a threat to human health or the environment. Therefore, persons leaving the area of operation through a lock system, must take a shower before they exit. The deconta Water treatment system heats up the shower water und ...

    By deconta GmbH based in Isselburg, GERMANY. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Mesothelioma - Asbestos Products

    Many older asbestos-containing products are still in circulation, and newer uses continue to be legal. Contact with these items may cause mesothelioma.

    By Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center based in Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Viscotaq ViscoWrap - Corrosion Prevention for Industrial Pipelines

    The Indumar Viscotaq line of corrosion-prevention coatings was developed with leading oil and gas and polymer engineering companies to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control – a solution that keeps your infrastructure corrosion free for up to 40 years. The unique chemistry of Viscotaq gives it permanent wetting characteristics, ...

    By InduMar Products, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Corrosion Control Product line

  • ABC - Multipurpose Asbestos Encapsulation System

    ABC is an important tool for coping with the health hazards associated with exposure to asbestos fibers. ABC Asbestos Binding Compound is a high solids asbestos encapsulant/sealant, designed to encapsulate friable Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) such as fireproofing and insulation material.

    By Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Asbestos Abatement Product line

  • ATM - Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos is notorious for its harmful effects on health and safety. Removing asbestos is highly technical and should only be attempted by highly skilled technicians. Assessing the scope of the project is critical to the successful and safe removal of asbestos from the structure. Because we are 100% committed to Occupational Safety and Health, our ...

    By ATM Tank Liners based in Robina Town Centre, AUSTRALIA.

  • TURBO-RAM - Model TR 300 - Stand-Alone Mini Mobile Equipment

    RAM Environnement launched its 300 mm diameter mini-TURBO CANON at the Intermat 2009, meeting the needs of dust suppression in covered sites (screening room, loading dock, storage box, etc. ...), but also for inner demolition , asbestos removal or for treatment of odours in semi-open site. Its 6 to 15 m range, combined with low power (less than ...

    By RAM Environnement based in St-Denis-De-L`hotel, FRANCE. from Turbo-Ram Product line

  • PolyShield - Model HT 100F - Elastomeric Polyurea

    POLYSHIELD HT 100F is a fast-set, high performance, spray-applied, plural component, pure polyurea elastomer. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, and prepolymers. It provides a cost effective flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance.

    By Specialty Products Inc. (SPI) based in Lakewood, WASHINGTON (USA). from PolyShield Product Series Product line

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