Beta Radiation Monitoring

Equipment & Solutions

  • Geiger Counting System
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    Geiger Counting System

    By Global Scientific & Equipment (GSE)

    Geiger Counting system type GC602A manufactured by NUCLEONIX is an Advanced Technology based versatile integral counting system designed around eight bit microcontroller chip. This system is highly recommended for ...

  • InLight Systems Dosimeters
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    InLight Systems Dosimeters

    By Landauer

    InLight dosimeters provide x, gamma, and beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. OSL technology isthe newest advancement in passive radiation protection dosimetry. Inlight ...

  • Beta Spectrometer
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    Beta Spectrometer

    By Research & Production Enterprice `Atom Komplex Prylad`, Ltd

    Beta-spectrometer SEB-01-150 is designed for measuring of beta-emission radionuclides in the environmental samples, food samples, water, milk, radioactive solutions, in aerosol filters, in standard beta-radiation ...