Bezene Contamination

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  • The Role of Gas Detection in Offshore Applications

    The Role of Gas Detection in Offshore Applications

    Off-shore drilling is a highly hazardous process with dangers of complexes equipment, harsh environments, severe weather as well as toxic gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be found mixed in with the products being extracted. Toxic gas emissions are a danger in the environments in which offshore applications are found, creating unsafe conditions for personnel. This results in ...


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  • Photoionisation Detection (PID) Sensors

    Photoionisation Detection (PID) Sensors

    Designed for OEMs, we manufacture and supply more photoionisation detection (PID) sensors than any other company in the world with our sensor technology trusted by major gas detection manufacturers, globally. Our patented Fence Electrode Technology is proven to resist humidity and contamination, giving you outstanding results when detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the most ...