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  • The Inverse Scattering Problem and Solutions for Addressing Bioterrorism

    Abstract The immediate warning of a bioterrorist attack in progress will reduce its effectiveness significantly. However, concern for the serious economic consequences of false positive alarms, has resulted in a predominant emphasis on identification-based detection concepts. These, in turn, require that the collected agents be biochemically analyzed or tested. Because of the great number and

  • Biotoxis qPCR detection kit is now available!

    Bertin Instruments has just released Biotoxis, its new all-in-one qPCR (quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) kit which enables multiple simultaneous pathogen detection: B. anthracis, Y. pestis and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Powder Screening Test Kit

    Powder Screening Test Kit

    The BioCheck Kit works primarily by using PurpleHaze Technology to identify protein, found in all living material. All biowarfare agents (including Anthrax and Ricin) contain protein. On the other hand, many harmless substances frequently mistaken to be potential bioterror agents, such as powdered sugar, drywall dust, cornstarch, and many cosmetics- do not.