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Bird Control services for Health and Safety

  • Ecological Assessments Service

    Influencing birds’ behavior is not something you can just do on the fly. To create a successful strategy for controlling birds, knowledge of how the ecological system in the area functions is essential.

    By Clear Flight Solutions based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Industrial Areas Inspections Service

    From leaking pipes to badly isolated roofs, our drones can spot almost anything from the sky. Using state of the art cameras and custom software, our inspections are swift and thorough and easily tailored to suit your needs.

    By Clear Flight Solutions based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Capacity Building Services

    The key to adequate conservation for any organisation responsible for the management of protected areas is the performance of its staff, which is achieved through building an efficient organisation with motivated and effective people. Nature and conservation management asks several specific skills : the management of specific habitats and species ...

    By Altenburg & Wymenga Ecological Consultants based in Feanwâlden, NETHERLANDS. from Protected Area Management Service line

  • Ecological surveys

    We provide sound expert advice to public and private stakeholders for the development and implementation of species and habitats conservation, management and restoration plans, assessments and large conservation projects.

    By Nature Conservation Consultants Ltd. based in Chalandri, GREECE.

  • Nixalite Planning Department

    Nixalite of America Inc offers planning and product support services. These services are available to anyone interested in specifying, quoting or installing any of the Nixalite bird and animal control products.

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Bird Survey and Report Services

    Bird Survey and Report; What a Bird Survey and Report from Adonis Ecology Can Do for You. If you need a professional bird survey and report for a planning application or for legal compliance, if you need to keep costs down, and if you need to keep things running on time - you can have that and more with Adonis Ecology.

    By Adonis Ecology Ltd. based in Lavenham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ecological Services Service line

  • Natural Falconry Bird Scarers and Deterrent Services

    Using falconry as a natural bird deterrent for bird control has become a recommended form of controlling bird infestations throughout our living and working environments. All wild species of bird have a strong will to survive as their life cycle depends on being able to feed every day and stay away from danger. In addition to this, every wild bird ...

    By Eco Environmental Services Ltd based in Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pigeon Deterrents Solutions Services

    Pigeon Netting, Pigeon Spikes, and other Pigeon Deterrents: Wild pigeons have a strong will to survive as their life cycle depends on being able to feed every day and stay away from danger. Once pigeons (commonly misspelled 'pidgeon' or 'pigion') have found a good food supply, safe breeding ground and protection from the hard elements of nature, ...

    By Eco Environmental Services Ltd based in Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bird Trapping Programs

    Sometimes the best solution to a bird problem is to simply trap the birds and remove them from the site. The professionals at Bird Doctor Nationwide have been trapping birds for years. Bird Doctor has dedicated technicians and established routes that guarantee success.

    By Bird Doctor based in Paramus, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Consulting Services

    Planning a bird job is the most critical step in eliminating a pest bird problem. Care must be taken to conduct proper studies of the environment to ensure the proper methods are prescribed. An analysis of the building materials and surfaces involved must be conducted to confirm the viability of the methods to be employed. Bell Bird Control Bird ...

    By Bell Bird Control based in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Field Service

    Drilling/Excavation Oversight, Air, Soil, Waste Sampling, Spill Response and Mitigation, Groundwater Monitoring, Surface Water Monitoring, Subsurface Investigations, Migratory Bird Netting, Storm Water / Erosion Control Management, Reclamation and Rehabilitation, Waste Management, Wildlife Mitigation and Population Surveys, Safety Compliance ...

    By HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. (HCSI) based in Grand Junction, COLORADO (USA).

  • Bird Control Systems Installations

    After years of trial and error Bell Bird Control has perfected different techniques that can be used exclusively or in combination with each other to guarantee a bird free environment for any type of structure. Exclusion programs for buildings are designed to deter pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparrows, and gulls. These species are responsible ...

    By Bell Bird Control based in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Bird Scaring Services

    As the leading bird control specialist in the UK we have a broad range of bird scaring services and bird scaring products available. Bird scaring methods are ideal where the use of tradition bird proofing methods is restricted. All of the methods we use are humane and do not harm the nuisance bird population. Typical bird scaring methods we use ...

    By NBC Bird & Pest Solutions Limited based in Attleborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bird Net

    A properly installed bird net is the most effective and permanent solution to many bird problems.  A proper net installation is supported with a perimeter cable assembly. The cable is supported by various types of attachments that are affixed to the building. The cable is tightened with turnbuckles and the net attached with hog rings. ...

    By Bird Doctor based in Paramus, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Bird Control Consulting

    Environmental Analysis to determine target species and causes of potential problems.Design Analysis to identify areas of concern within a construction project.Construction Documents production: custom specifications and drawings to be used for bidding.Construction Administration: Lead bid walkthroughs, respond to RFI's, shop drawing ...

    By Bird Control Advisory based in Pine Brook, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Landfill Operation Services

    New Waste Concepts recently announced that it is offering landfill services to its client base. It includes field teams that are capable of operating and managing your odor control systems, bird control systems and cover needs including end of day daily cover. Outsource the work to us and save a ton on overtime and full time employee expenses.

    By New Waste Concepts, Inc. based in Perrysburg, OHIO (USA).

  • Bird Control Dubai

    Installation Of Bird Spikes,Bird Shock System,Bird Netting Instalation

    By Benchmark Pest Control Services LLC based in Deira, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Installing Cable Hardware for Bird Netting

    One of the keys to a successful bird netting installation is how well the netting is fastened. The following guidelines will help you install your tensioned cable hardware. NOTE: Each netting installation is different and some of the guidelines may not apply to your application.

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Netting Systems Service line

  • ERC - Survey and Assessment Services

    Ecological survey/ habitat survey, terrestrial, aquatic, wetland and coastal marine habitats., Coastal, lowland, upland and montane surveys throughout the UK, Terrestrial and freshwater including canals.Use of standard Extended Phase I and National Vegetation Classification survey methods and use of specifically designed methods for special ...

    By Ecological Restoration Consultants Limited based in Neston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bird Fouling and Mess Cleaning Services

    We are experts in the safe removal and disposal of bird fouling. The presence of bird droppings, nesting material, bird carcasses and parasites especally in cramped spaces can pose serious health and safety risks. Here at Eco Environmental, we provide a full fouling and nest removal service to ensure that that all relevant Health and Safety ...

    By Eco Environmental Services Ltd based in Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM.

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