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Green Flammable Liquid Storage For Pesticide And Chemical Storage

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Green flammable liquid storage cabinets are perfect for pesticide storage. Our chemical storage cabinet meets OSHA and NFPA regulations. Pesticide storage cabinets are In Stock and Ready To Ship. FM approved.

Blue Safety Storage Cabinet For Acid And Corrosive Storage

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Blue Safety Storage Cabinet, perfect for acid storage and corrosive chemicals storage. Safety Cabinet is made of 18 gauge steel, with flush mount handles standard. We stock flammable safety cabinets and are ready to ship. Meets OSHA standards.

Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks

by Nationwide Tank and Pipe     based in New Braunfels, TEXAS (USA)

Nationwide Tank and Pipe manufactures a large number of tanks that are used to store a wide variety of chemicals.

Drager - Model CPS 7900 - Chemical Protection Suit

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

Tailor-made for use under extreme conditions. The gas-tight CPS 7900 suit provides excellent protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents, and other toxic substances. Its innovative material qualifies the CPS 7900 equally well for work in explosive areas and for handling cryogenic substances at tempe¬ratures down to -80°C / ...

So~Safe - Model HCU-17 - Hair Conditioning Unit

by So~Safe Water Technologies     based in Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Feel healthier and refreshed with every shower and enjoy bathing in spring-like water!With So~Safe Hair Conditioning Unit, you can avoid burning of eyes and itchy dry skin. It removes chlorine and hard chemicals that damage your skin and hair.The only shower filter that eliminates hard chemicals, chlorine, bad odor and color, as well as dirt ...

Chemical Storage Building - Non Combustible Buildings

by Denios AG     based in GERMANY

Secure and Store Hazardous Chemicals and Processes Away from Personnel / Facilities. DENIOS Chemical Storage Building designs provide more storage flexibility, enhancing the efficiency of the structure over competitive models. Choose from numerous standard sizes/configurations to provide the optimal space for storing your hazardous chemicals or ...

Red Chemical Storage Cabinet

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Red chemical storage cabinet for paint storage, as ink safety cabinet, and flammable chemicals. Flammable cabinets meet OSHA and NFPA code 30 standards. Easily stores paint cans for compliance. Safety cabinet provides leak proof, and flush mount locking handles standard. 3 cabinet types available, manual close, self close, and bi-fold door.

ChemMax - Model 1 - Chemical Protective Clothing

by Lakeland Industries     based in ALABAMA (USA)

You've come to expect quality from Lakeland Industries. Weve utilized our vast knowledge in the industry to develop a superior product in ChemMax® 1. Offering quality along with durability, this cost-effective entry level product will please distributors, safety engineers and plant purchasing managers. Whether you are in manufacturing, ...

Smarthose Chemical Protection Equipment

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

World patented hose which is developed to create water barriers, to be flexible and to minimize the need of personal. One Smart-hose of 20 m/65 ft can produce a 12-15 m/40-50 ft high wall of water- that is about 300 m2/2500 ft2 - and it can quickly be placed even in difficult terrain. Excellent for shielding off fires or gas clouds where you can't ...


by STOCKMEIER Chemie GmbH & Co. KG / Kruse KG     based in Bielefeld, GERMANY

A very significant part of our product range consists out of various solvents. In addition to standard products, we also procure all sorts of specialties.

CarboTech - Activated Carbons & Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS)

by Resources Prime Steel Inc. (RPS)     based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Resources Prime Steel inc. has the ability to react to your absorption needs without limitations. It is in this respect that Resources Prime Steel Inc. though an agreement will take CarboTech AC GmbH (Germany) as a precious opportunity to bring German best quality activated carbons and carbon molecular sieves to our customers, together with our ...

Chemical Control And Feed

by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

World Water Works manufacturers a full line of chemical feed and makedown systems to provide efficient and optimum chemical application. Many of these systems are designed as 'plug and play' systems. Automatic dilution, drum mixing, calibration, fully installed backups, and automatic dosing are all optional features to these systems. Most parts ...

Chemical Regulation Reporter

by Bloomberg BNA     based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA)

Get complete, dependable coverage of the regulation of every stage in the chemical life cycle — includes comprehensive news, up to date HAZMAT guidance, and crucial links to full-text documents.

Nozzle-set Chemical Protection Equipment

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

Complete set with 25 nozzles in one of the dimensions 3 mm/.l 2 in, 6 mm/.24 in, 2-holes or 5-holes. 3- and 6 mm nozzles are best suited for shielding off, cooling off and fighting fires. 2- and 5-holes nozzles are best suited for shiel¬ding off condensing gases and for cooling heat sensitive objects. Art. no. 7590090 7930 - 3 mm/. 12 in ...

Drager - Model SPC 3800 - One-use Overall Chemical Protective Suit

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

This chemical protective category III suit protects the wearer against organic and inorganic fluids, radioactive contamination and against viruses and bacteria. Made of Tychem® F. Gloves (butyl) and socks are integrated. The zip fastener is located horizontally on the back of the suit and is covered with a double covering flap. The inside of ...

Re-condensing Set Chemical Protection Equipment

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

Complete equipment for treating discharges of condensed gases such as ammonia, chlorine and sulphur dioxide. These chemicals are transported in large quantities, and a leak would present serious problems for both people and the environment. This equipment makes it possible to cover over or catch a leak - either in liquid or gas form - highly ...

Ammonia Kit 1 Chemical Protection Equipment

by TST Sweden AB     based in Kinna, SWEDEN

A complete kit that provides a high level of splash protection for particles, dust and moisture when working in risk environments involving for example ammonia. The kit consists of a protective overall, a chemical escape hood with carrying bag. insulating glo¬ves and protective boots with steel toe caps and steel mid-soles. Everything is ...

Training Network - Model 2711-DV - Material Safety Data Sheets in the Laboratory

by The Training Network     based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

All potentially hazardous materials entering a laboratory have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). But to make good use of the information on an MSDS, employees need to understand how it is organized and what it contains. This training program reviews the various sections of the MSDS, what information can be found in each section and most ...

Safety Cabinet - Chemical, Flammable, & Drum Storage

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Chemical storage in a Safety Cabinet is required by OSHA to meet Federal and State guidelines for storing flammable or hazardous liquids. Our Jamco safety flammable cabinet range are perfect for the storage of cans, oilers, paint, pesticides, ink and drums.

Chemical Control Panel and Precursor Temperature Controller

by SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o.     based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

Many modern reaction constituents for semiconductor and PV processes are available only in liquid phase. Suitable delivery systems have been adopted to make them usable for technology process. One of the method is based on liquid vapor pick up by flowing gaseous media through the liquid. Flow of such carrier gas is controled by eletronic ...

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