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  • Is Fiberglass Better Than Steel, Aluminum and Concrete?

    Comparing 3 Different Types of Custom Storage Tanks – Steel, Aluminum and Concrete – to FiberglassStorage tanks come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and materials. Whether you’re looking for a new system or you simply want to learn how different custom water storage tanks stack up, you’ve come to the right place. This article compares steel, concrete, and alum


  • BD|SENSORS enhances its pressure transmitter range

    BD|SENSORS enhances its pressure transmitter range

    Whether in water and waste water engineering or in numerous processes in the chemical industry – it is occasionally necessary to record small system pressures and low fill levels. This arises for example in different water treatment and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Gas Detection System

    Portable Gas Detection System

    The Next Generation Chemlogic Portable gas detection system is a handheld life saver. Used in several applications for quick, low-level gas detection, the CLPX boasts an easy to use interface with a simple replaceable, inexpensive, chemlogic tape cartridge. While detecting gas at low levels, this portable gas monitor offers rechargeable gas detection at an affordable price. Perfect for confined ...

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  • 10th International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment 2020

    10th International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment 2020

    The conference provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and works on the current situation of waste management amongst professionals, researchers, government departments and local authorities.Waste Management is one of the key problems of modern society due to the ever-expanding volume and complexity of discarded domestic and industrial waste.Society is increasingly aware of ...