Confined Space Compliance

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Designing Fall Safety into a New Facility

    Designing Fall Safety into a New Facility

    Whether you’re building a new manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse, or other industrial building, safety should be a critical component of your planning process. Not only does adequate interior and exterior fall safety help prevent unnecessary injuries, but it helps keep your new building secure, compliant from increasing OSHA inspections, and useful for years to come.Today, we’re ...

  • Mixing it up

    Discharge from a textile plant in Monrocvillc. Ala., paid 90 percent of operating costs for the Hudson Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant. The 2 mgd (design) activated sludge extended aeration ...


  • The new two-shaft shredder is designed for small spaces

    "Solutions to this very common problem are already well represented on the market," explains Ulrich Kanzleiter, Sales Manager at Erdwich.At first sight, a problem to be found everywhere in the metal processing industry is swarf, produced by lathes ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Manhole Inspection Camera with Optical Zoom

    Manhole Inspection Camera with Optical Zoom

    CYCLOPS Zoom Sewer & Vault Inspection Camera is designed to perform safe inspections from street level of vaults, pipes and manholes for maintenance conditions, cracks, corrosion — without a confined space entry. Equipped with patented LED light technology that provides superb illumination regardless of the lighting conditions and an advanced Color Exmor CMOS camera sensor, this camera ...