Confined Space Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • HAZWOPER – Different, Not Less

    HAZWOPER – Different, Not Less

    When we think of a hazardous material event, we often think of firefighters and technicians rushing in with large plastic space-like suits to stop the leak and save the day. These first responders definitely play a large role in the mitigation of these emergency situations, but sometimes we tend to forget about the second – due responders who pick up the pieces and begin recovery. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Standard Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

    Standard Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

    The AMI MODEL 221R has become the gold standard for oxygen deficiency & confined space monitoring throughout the US market. It is used by the thousands in US Government Laboratories, Space Agencies, Universities, and a broad range of industries, ensuring the safety of personnel. The MODEL 221R is designed for use in NON-FLAMMABLE applications and provides an incredibly accurate and stable ...