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  • Inflatable Containment Boom
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    Inflatable Containment Boom

    By Texas Boom Company

    Texas Boom Company Inflatable Containment Boom is typically used on response vessels where a foam filled containment boom would be too bulky. The reduced volume of an inflatable containment boom is an asset when oil ...

  • Permanent Spill Containment Boom
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    Permanent Spill Containment Boom

    By Texas Boom Company

    Texas Boom Company`s Permanent Containment Boom is flexible heavy duty oil boom, designed with specific objectives including: excellent wave conformity, great ease of deployment and retrieval, high velocity towing ...

  • Shore Barrier Containment Boom
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    Shore Barrier Containment Boom

    By Texas Boom Company

    Shore Barrier Containment Boom is the ideal containment boom system for use in shallows, mud flats, tidal waters, marshes, and estuaries; which are under constant threat of spills. Our Shore Barrier Containment Boom ...

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  • Expandi Systems

    Expandi Systems

    In the 1970`s Expandi developed the self inflatable oil containment boom. This was one of the very first of its type, and Expandi is one the early ...