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  • Boom in a Bag
    Showcase Product

    Boom in a Bag

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Ever find yourself needing a containment boom in a pinch, but you don’t have the manpower to deploy the standard 18" containment boom? Or maybe an 18" boom is just too much for the job. Our new Boom in a Bag is ...

  • Permanent Boom
    Showcase Product

    Permanent Boom

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    The economical solution to provide continuous facility protection and containment. This permanent boom system features easy deployment, high visibility, and abrasion resistance. Permanent containment booms are designed ...

  • Response Containment Booms
    Showcase Product

    Response Containment Booms

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Danforth Anchors are used to secure booms to the ocean floor. This anchor has the traditional holding power with has always been associated with Danforth Anchors. The shank is made of high strength steel. The steel ...

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  • Vira Soluzioni Srl

    Vira Soluzioni Srl

    Vira solutions is a limited liability company, and it founded in December 2008. Vira Soluzioni designs and products all models of containment ...

  • Versatech Products Inc.

    Versatech Products Inc.

    Versatech is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing company that has provided oil spill response solutions since 1968. Versatech Products ...

  • American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL )

    American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL )

    American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) is a full-service environmental contractor that specializes in inland, near-shore, and offshore emergency ...

  • Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

    Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

    At Enviro-USA our core business is manufacturing all types of oil containment boom such conventional, reel (fence), inflatable, shore boom, etc, ...

  • Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc.

    Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc.

    Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. is a corporation founded under the laws of the State of California in 1961 to expand the partnership which had ...