Dioxins and Furans

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  • Reactor
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    By Santes Incinerator

    The reactor relies on active carbon as absorption medium for the reaction to adsorb heavy metals and dioxin &furans. Dioxins and furans, having been destroyed in the post combustion chamber, can form again in the ...

  • Solvent Extraction Systems
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    Solvent Extraction Systems


    The many steps involved in sample preparation can now be automated with ASE flow-through technology. Filtration and clean-up of solid samples can be achieved as part of the solvent extraction process in a single step. ...

  • Wood Vinegar
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    Wood Vinegar

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

    Also called pyroligneous acid. Wood Vinegar is an acidic mixture of over one hundred chemicals. It contains approximately 86% water and 14% organic compounds including phenols, alcohols, acids, ketones, furans, ...

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  • Dioxins and Health

    'This book deserves much praise. It assembles and presents an enormous amount of information in a very readable manner. Although each chapter is ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • WESSLING Romania SRL

    WESSLING Romania SRL

    The WESSLING Group guarantees a range of integrated expertise in a sole interlocutor. Our offices are located in 28 different European cities and ...

  • Marchwood Scientific Services

    Marchwood Scientific Services

    Marchwood Scientific Services is a leading provider of quality laboratory services to both the environmental and food sectors.We offer an independent ...

  • Air Separation Technologies

    Air Separation Technologies

    Located in Milton, Ontario, Canada AST`s capabilities include New and Used Dust Collectors, Dust Collection Systems, Mist Collectors, Fume ...

  • Xenobiotic Detections Systems, Inc.

    Xenobiotic Detections Systems, Inc.

    Dioxin analysis --- Xenobiotic Detection Systems (XDS) is a research based biotechnology company offering a patented unique, rapid, and economical ...

  • GEA Bischoff GmbH

    GEA Bischoff GmbH

    We are a global company active in the field of environmental protection. Using our broad range of technology, we design and build gas cleaning plants ...