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  • Governing disaster risk and 'survivability': the case of two villages in Kerala, India

    Governing disaster risk reduction (DRR) seldom considers the communities' political and social rights. The access to resources as DRR strategy is not yet integrated into the current debate and practices of disaster risk reduction. This study takes two tsunami–affected villages in Kerala, India, to critically analyse the question of rights over natural resources as disaster risk reduction. The ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Multispectral Lidar System

    Multispectral Lidar System

    As the world’s first multispectral airborne lidar sensor, Optech Titan is opening up a new era in lidar survey and mapping.  3D surface spectral response information sensitive to the emitted wavelengths can now be derived day or night from complex environments using a single lidar sensor.  Such information opens up exciting new applications and can significantly improve existing ...