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  • The use of Algae in Ecotoxicological Testing : a Review

    The use of Algae in Ecotoxicological Testing : a Review

    Abstract :An intensive review on the use of algae in ecotoxicological testing is herein described. The state of the art in algal toxicity testing is given and the currently applied algal tests in hazard assessment schemes are emphasized. However, the need of an alternative, rapid and cost-effective algal tests is underscored considering the inequality between the plethora of new chemicals being ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Proportional Diluter

    Proportional Diluter

    Modified Mount & Brungs Proportional Diluter for fish toxicity testing under flow through conditions for 6 test concentrations with freely variable concentration factors from 1.8 to 2.3, vehicle control and fresh water control. This unit can optionally be equipped with a proportional compensation of the vehicle to insure identical vehicle concentrations, excluding fresh water control, at all ...