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EHS Compliance and Regulations equipment for Health and Safety

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    Kurita/Ferrosolf - Comprehensive Treatment Concepts for Process Applications

    Disturbances in the sequence of operation can have disastrous effects, when single parts of the equipment are fouled or damaged.  Reliable and safe operation conditions are crucial for the production plant, where unplanned downtime and loss of production must be avoided. Kurita offers a broad range of chemical programmes that are tailored to ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Comprehensive Treatment Concepts for Process Applications Product line

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    Shelco MicroVantage™ - Model PDA & PDH Series - Absolute and High Efficiency Rated Melt-Blown Depth Cartridges

    PDA Series – 99.9% retention ratings from 0.5 to 70 microns PDH Series – 90% retention ratings from 0.5 to 75 microns. 100% melt blown polypropylene microfibers are thermally bonded into a multi-layer gradient density pore structure for maximum dirt holding capacity in each filter. Fixed-pore structure blown over rigid center core ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Absolute and High Efficiency Rated Melt-Blown Depth Cartridges Product line

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    Shelco MicroVantage™ - Model VGPS Series - Hydrophobic PS Membrane

    Shelco Filters’ MicroVantage ultra premium filter cartridges are the premier choice when high purity and absolute retention are prerequisites for the filtration process. These pleated filters are designed with the maximum surface area to optimize service life and reduce user costs. Highly tapered asymmetric pore structure provides excellent ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Hydrophobic PS Membrane Product line

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    Kee-Safety - Window-Dec System

    Fitting replacement windows, by including a self locking pulley system capable of lifting up to 165lbs. It gives the installer a compliant, fully protected work platform, as well as an opening in the base of the Dec for lifting windows through. After the window passes through the hinged opening it closes to maintain the platform integrity. The ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Window-Dec System Product line

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    Kee Safety - Model Kwik Kit - Pre-packaged Safety Railing Kits

    Everything you need for the Kwik Kit assembly is included in one box. Railing Uprights are pre-assembled to save you even more time and eliminate parts guesswork. Kwik Kit railing kits are quick to assemble using a hex key to tighten the large, easy to use set screws. Kwik Kit® safety railing kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Pre-packaged Safety Railing Kits Product line

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    Shelco MicroSentry™ - Model MB Series - Nominal Rated Melt Blown Depth Cartridges

    Constructed of 100% polypropylene using no additives or surfactants that will cause foaming or other undesirable effects to the filtrate. Thermally bonded microfibers create a stable, self-supporting media. Materials of construction meet FDA Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. Graded density construction provides true depth style filtration. ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Nominal Rated Melt Blown Depth Cartridges Product line

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    Kee Safety - Static Work Platform

    Static Work Platforms provide safe access to perform tasks at height. Kee Safety uses Kee Lite aluminum or Kee Klamp cast iron tubular fittings for platforms and stepovers. Each platform is designed to your specific application and built to exceed OSHA safety standards. Static Platforms are flexible, durable and effectively protect workers from ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Static Work Platform Product line

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    Kee Safety - Ladder Safety Accessories

    Our ladder accessories ensure that your existing ladders are used in compliance with OSHA standards. Ladder-Spurs prevent outward slip by increasing the base of your ladder and significantly reduces the chance of a sideways slip at the top. Secured easily and quickly with heavy duty ratchet straps, the independent spurs simply wrap around the ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Ladder Safety Accessories Product line

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    Kee Safety - Model KeeLine - Safety Solution for Horizontal Life Lines

    KEELINE horizontal life line system is a flexible, cost effective option for the continual protection of those working at height.The KEELINE horizontal lifeline system provides flexible, continuous protection for up to three users working at height. The system delivers safe access to any area of a roof by allowing workers to be permanently ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Safety Solution for Horizontal Life Lines Product line

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    Kee Safety - Model Kee Mark - Free-Standing Warning Lines

    Kee® Mark is a sturdy, durable, freestanding and cost effective portable warning line, for indoors and out. The simple modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp® components and galvanized uprights that stay in place with a hidden set screw. The heavy-duty nylon mesh flags are available in safety orange or safety yellow. The ...

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Free-Standing Warning Lines Product line

  • Respiratory Protection-Online Training

    As part of a complete Respiratory Program ALL employees who wear respirators are required to have instruction in the use and proper care of respirators.

    By Compliance Solutions based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Hi-Traction - Model Anti-Slip - Step Covers

    Safeguard your Productivity and Profitability. Prevent costly slips and falls, especially on the leading edge of the stair, where most slips occur. Even in adverse conditions, such as when wet, icy, or dirty, SAFEGUARD Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Step Covers provide excellent footing, far exceeding OSHA standards.

    By Safeguard Technology based in Streetsboro, OHIO (USA).

  • Customizable OSHA Notice Label

    Design OSHA compliant Customizable Notice Label in minutes. Just add text, and your personalized label is ready to order

    By based in Brooklyn, NEW YORK (USA). from Customizable OSHA Notice Label Product line

  • Forklift Barrel Dumper

    With a Morse forklift barrel dumper, you can lift and dispense a 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drum, with options to handle various other types and sizes of drums. Models are available to dispense a drum weighing up to 2,500 Lb. (1134 kg). MORcinchTM Options are available to handle a plastic or fiber drum, and even a smaller drum. Select the correct ...

    By Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc. based in East Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA). from Forklift Barrel Dumper Product line

  • Veri-Dri Desiccants

    Tests prove that Veri-Dri 40 Plus is the better desiccant. As a practical way to demonstrate the properties of Veri-Dri 40 Plus, Pioneer’s deliquescent desiccant, a performance test was conducted.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Veri-Dri Desiccants Product line

  • Wallcover - Soundproofing Material

    For the majority of people who find they have a need for soundproofing, this discovery usually comes after construction of the walls are already complete. Since the most effective noise deadening material has always been applied to the studs under drywall, the only option for postconstruction noise abatement was to remove the drywall, change out ...

    By Acoustiblok International based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Soundproofing Material Product line

  • NC200

    PLC Controlled Power Unit E-Stop Button Automatic Single Cycle Auto/Manual Selector Key Lock On/Off Switch Low Oil Sensor Shutdown Multi Cycle Timer 80%-100% Full Lights Automatic Shutdown with Auto Safety Retract 15' Remote Fluid Level and Temp Gauge Fluid Filled Pressure Gauge Fluid Inlet Strainer 15' Hydraulic Hoses This Equipment Conforms to ...

    By Pacific Compactor Corporation based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Full Flange - Face

    The Face Full Flange Valve can be used for manual or power regulation of chemical slurries and semi-solids. Pressure of up to 475 PSI depending on size and temperatures up to +1800F. More details within.

    By Guide Valve Limited based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Face Product line

  • Sieving Machines

    Separating your materials is serious business: you need to be sure that the sieving equipment you choose to use is going to give you consistent results. This is particularly true when it comes to pharmaceuticals and the food industry, as there is no room for error. That’s why we take our role as sieve manufacturers very seriously, and ...

    By William Boulton Ltd. based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sieving Machines Product line

  • Safety Window Film

    In the home or workplace, where there is glass there is risk. With many types of glass (such as plate/ float/ annealed/ wired glass) there is a serious injury risk. Non safety glass is responsible for thousands of injuries and many deaths each year.

    By ARC Window Films Ltd. based in Hindley Green, UNITED KINGDOM. from Safety Window Film Product line

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