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Model ILB - Inflatable Light Oil Boom

by Lamor Corporation Ab     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbors, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for emergency oil spills and protection.

Canadyne FlashBoom - Self-Inflating Boom Ideally Suited for Emergency Spill Response

by Canadyne Technologies Inc.     based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Canadyne FlashBoom is a rapidly self-inflating, rapid response emergency deployment curtain type boom. The flotation chamber is cylindrical, and retains its shape and stability by incorporating a series of semi-rigid, lightweight hoops spaced on equal intervals throughout the length of the boom. Rugged one-way inflation check valves are spaced ...

Model GTA - Multi-Purpose Submersible Archimedes Positive Displacement High Performance Screw Pumps

by Lamor Corporation Ab     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The GTA Pump series are multi-purpose submersible Archimedes positive displacement high performance screw pumps. In addition to being a primary oil transfer pump, the GTA pumps can be utilized for numerous applications such as offloading emergency pumping of heavy crude, bitumen, tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, sludge removal etc.

Model FOB - Foam Filled Oil Booms

by Lamor Corporation Ab     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The Foam Filled Oil Boom (FOB) is a solid light-weight float containment boom that is easy to use and store. The boom is ideal for emergency and permanent use in sea conditions from calm to open water. The boom is ideal for use in lakes, harbors, power plants and refineries. The FOB can be utilized in all climatic conditions and environments, ...

MEI - Spill Containment Kits

by Millennium Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)     based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

MEI offers a variety of Spill Response Kits that are packed with the key products you need to clean up a hazardous spill!

Ultra-Cab Mount Container

by UltraTech International, Inc.     based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA)

Store Pop Up Pools Behind The Cab — Out Of The Way, But Ready For Any Emergency. Durable, all-polyethylene construction will resist harsh weather effects. Cover is lockable for security purposes. Store Pop Up Pools outside of the cab,preserving valuable interior space for other necessities. Note: Only Ultra-Pop Up Pool Economy Models will ...

OPEC - Oil Spill Response Units

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd     based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM

Various emergency response equipment has been specifically designed by OPEC to cope with small- to medium-sized oil spills. Using these units, trained personnel can respond quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact of an oil spill.

SafeGuards PREVENT Lite - Emergency Response Berms

by Millennium Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)     based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

For public safety, first responders, and HazMat teams the PREVENT LITE offers the user an inexpensive, lightweight, versatile quick and easy means of capturing leaking fluids that helps minimize ground contamination and associated cleanup costs and effort. The same PREVENT LITE can double as a HazMat decon containment pool for Hot, Warm, or Cold ...

SafeGuards - Rapid Response Berms

by Millennium Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)     based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Our newly improved Rapid Response Berm offers the user the most economical, fastest containment deployment possible in a variety of sizes, but improved chemical resistance for a wider array of hazardous liquids or solids. The Rapid Response Berm is an inexpensive, response containment pool manufactured from 18 oz. vinyl -coated fabric for added ...

PSI / Bantam Boom - Emergency Response for smaller Oil Spills

by H2W LLC     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

The first responders first choice. Easily carried by responders to remote areas, perfect for shallow streams and creeks, and easily deployed. Overall height 8' - 3' diameter solid polyethylene flotation, 5' draft skirt, 22-oz. PVC coated polyester fabric, 3/16' hot dipped galvanized proof coil chain, standard international orange color, and ...

RuptureSeal - A Must for Emergency Response

by H2W LLC     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

The RUPTURE SEAL is a revolutionary new device for emergency response and to stop spills at the source. This patented technology is easy to implement when an emergency spill occurs. Whether it’s a gash, or puncture in a drum, tank, boat or pipeline, the RUPTURE SEAL effectively stops the spill at the point of origin. The RUPTURE SEAL should be ...

Model A5OVER - 5-Gallon Pail with Screw Top Lid

by SpillTech Environmental Incorporated.     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Stock this container with sorbents for emergency spill response, or use it to ship damaged containers or hazardous waste.

Decontamination Pools

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Spill Fast BermTM Decontamination Pools, Decon Pools and Containment Pools can be used as tank containment or drum spill containment where the situation requires rapid response, convenient storage and cost effectiveness. Typical projects are emergency spill response operations, HAZMAT applications, and tank, drums and small equipment contamination ...

Model GPSK-TRK - Compact Bag Truck Spill Kits

by Meltblown Technologies Inc. (MBT)     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Truck spill kits provide quick emergency response to small to medium spills. Be ready for any spill, this kit fits easily behind seat for safe storage. The clear bag allows for quick access to absorbents.

EnviroGuard - 5-Gallon Spill Clean-Up Kit

by EnviroGuard     based in Montclair, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Kit Includes; 5-Gallon D.O.T. container. 1 pair of Tyvek body coveralls. 1 headgear/face shield. 1 pair of goggles. 1 pair of rubber gloves. 1 roll of duct tape, 1 pH test kit. 3 neutralizing & absorbing pads. 10 absorbent wipes. 2 hazmat disposal bags. 1 disposable respirator. 1 emergency response guidebook. 5 lbs. NeutraSorb (acid absorbent ...

Spill Kit Empty Containers and Accessories

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Need an empty industrial container to fill with spill kit supplies? Get your containers ready for emergency oil spill cleanup with our stock of empty spill kit containers and accessories. We also carry non-sparking shovels and scoops to help with spill cleanups. Find the best spill control and spill response products from New Pig.

EnviroGuard - 20-Gallon Spill Clean-up Kit

by EnviroGuard     based in Montclair, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Kit Includes; 20-Gallon D.O.T. container. 3 neutralizing & absorbing pads. 2 neutralizing & absorbing SOCs. 2 pairs of Tyvek full body coveralls. 2 headgear/face shields. 2 goggles. 2 pairs of rubber gloves. 2 disposable respirators. 2 hazmat disposal bags. 20 absorbent wipes. 1 scoop and brush. 1 roll of duct tape. 1 pH test kit. 1 ...

Model 1322-YE - 20 Gallon Spill Kit

by ENPAC LLC.     based in Eastlake, OHIO (USA)

These highly visible containers keep spill response products readily available so you can avoid that oh-so costly problem. Various sizes are available for different types of applications. Absorbs up to 11 gallons/42 liters.

Model 1320-YE - 20 Gallon Spill Universal Kit

by ENPAC LLC.     based in Eastlake, OHIO (USA)

All of ENPAC's traditional products come together to make great Spill Kits!

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