Endocrine Disrupting

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  • What is Potable Water and How is it Treated?

    What is Potable Water and How is it Treated?

    What is potable water?If you can drink it or cook with it, it’s potable. Potable water is classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as water that is not contaminated with organic, inorganic, radiological, or microbiological pollutants and does not present any differences in taste, smell, or appearance. A majority of the earth’s population has regular and convenient access to potable


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  • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) System

    Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) System

    Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are defined as processes which involve in situ generation of highly potent chemical oxidants such as hydroxyl radicals in sufficient and optimum quantities to significantly enhance the oxidation and destruction of a wide range or organic pollutants in contaminated water and air.