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Environmental Toxicology equipment for Health and Safety available in Argentina

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    Unattended, Representative Sampling of Chemical Reactions

    The unique, patented EasySampler probe enables the capture and immediate quenching of reaction samples.  Immediate sample quenching provides a sample representative of the reaction at the time of sampling.  In particular, this is advantageous for monitoring: Low Temperature Reactions. Air-Sensitive Reactions.

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    Krauss-Maffei - Model TDF - Pressure Drum Filter

    Especially for fine and, in particular, ultra fine-grained products, pressurized filtration is the technology of choice to achieve an increased specific filtration rate and higher product quality. The TDF comes in a closed design, which allows processing under inert gas.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Drum Filters Product line

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    ANDRITZ - Gouda Contact Drum Dryer

    For more than a century, food products have been dried industrially. Since its early years ANDRITZ Gouda has been specialized in food processing lines, based on advanced drum drying technology. Nowadays it is used for a large range of products, from baby food to chemicals.

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    Plasma Technology

    Our technology is driven by our expertise. In today’s competitive marketplace, success at Tetronics is increasingly driven by our expertise in technology. We build on 50 years of experience to deliver our best-in-class clean plasma technology to meet the often complex needs of our customers across a number of material recovery and treatment ...

    By Tetronics (International) Limited based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Ahlstrom - Surface Protection Paper

    Ahlstrom offers highly absorptive papers to be used as surface protection papers and for many other applications. Ahlstrom LabSorb coated paper is a double-layered surface protection that protects benches and working areas from spilled chemicals, corrosive materials, as well as toxic, infectious or radioactive substances. Spills are quickly ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Laboratory Product line

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    CPI - Ceramic Formulations

    Besides our line of all-metal-catalyst products, CPI is a leading supplier of ceramic supported catalyst products. These products, including bead and monolith formulations, are used in a variety catalytic oxidizer and reactor systems. Choose from the following formulations for VOC, CO, NOx, or other air toxics reductions.

    By Catalytic Products International (CPI) based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA). from Catalyst Product line

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 94050 - Polyvinyl Chloride Conservation Vent (Pressure/Vacuum)

    The Shand & Jurs PVC Conservation Vents are designed for highly corrosive service where toxic liquids are stored. They are an excellent alternative to coated metal construction, where frequent corrosion due to the presence of pinholes is a problem. PVC valves are intended to provide pressure and/or vacuum relief on atmospheric storage tanks ...

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    ACME - Model ECH-ST Series - Gaspost Toxic Gas Sensor / Transmitter

    The Acme Gaspost toxic gas sensor/transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and produces a proportional analog output signal. The 4-20mA transmitter is designed for standard 2-wire loop-powered operation where the output is supplied via the same pair of wires as the power supply.

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Detection Equipment Product line

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    ERG - Thermal Oxidizer for Toxic Waste & VOC Destruction Systems

    Thermal oxidation is an excellent method of destroying toxic and unwanted chemicals, and converting them into benign and harmless compounds. This is particularly applicable where the toxic materials are organic and is a more environmentally benign disposal method than landfill. The process can be combined with energy recovery techniques to ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Systems Product line

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    Second Sight - Model MS - Gas Detection Camera

    Second Sight® MS is the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (Chemical Warfare Agent, Toxic Industrial Compounds). With night and day surveillance capability, Second Sight® MS detects, identifies and visualizes a cloud of dangerous gas in real time at a distance up to 5km.

    By Bertin Technologies based in Montigny - Le - Bretonneux, FRANCE. from Control of Bacteriological and Chemical Threats Product line

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    Imabe Iberica - Toxic Waste Baling Presses

    Automatic toxic waste baling presses specially designed for the compaction and baling of toxic and dangerous solid waste under the most strict safety and control conditions.

    By IMABE IBERICA S.A. based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN. from Solid Waste Treatment Sector Product line

  • Standard Calibration Gases

    Gas mixtures primarily used for Calibration of Flammable & Toxic Gas Detectors, Environmental & Process gas analysers, Gas Chromatography etc. Standard Calibration Gases in Non-Refillable DOT approved cylinders Reactive, Non-Reactive, Single & Multi Component gas mixtures, 1 to 50 Ltr Steel & Aluminium Cylinders

    By Puragaz, Ireland based in Shannon, IRELAND.

  • GD-K8A

    Diffusion style head Low profile design Built in battery for bias for sensors Optional NEMA 4X housing available Over 20 toxic sensors to choose from

    By RKI Instruments, Inc. based in Union City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Spill Response Kit

    This kit allows quick, efficient action against spills up to five or six gallons. Includes three large Chemsorb tubes (to surround the spill) two large Chemsorb pillows (to remove spilled material) and a carrying bag. Pillows absorb 21 times their own weight and safely contain the spilled material within their own covering. Chemsorb absorbs 80% ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Protective Wear Product line

  • Model 818 Series - Basic Glove Box

    Simple glove box used for general isolation and / or containment.Our glove boxes are designed to be just what they are called, 'Basic.' They are engineered to fit general laboratory isolation applications. They can be easily modified for specific uses.Units are very handy for isolating sensitive research studies from a hostile exterior ...

    By Plas-Labs, Inc. based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from Glove Boxes Product line

  • Upgrader

    In a series of 28 separate field tests, Genoil evaluated what improvements heavy oil upgrading improvements could be expected with this heavy Canadian bitumen feed stock (12.5° API, density of 982.6) at temperatures between 385 and 429°C (725 and 805°F), pressures from 3,515 to 12,125 kPa (500 to 1,725 psig), hydrogen/oil ratios ...

    By Genoil Inc. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Nanotechnology Monitoring System

    Recent CDC and NIOSH data concerning nanoparticles are sounding the alarm for environmental health and safety professionals worldwide—that there is strong evidence suggesting potential health concerns of this technology. Evidence that points to the exposure of the chemical and physical properties of these particlesand their little understood ...

    By International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL) based in Mt. Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model QUA-VAC MDQ - Automated Dosing System

    Qua-Vac designed a unique dosing system for vacuum pipe lines to remove or prevent clogging caused by organic materials such as limestone. The system requires only a standard electrical plug connection and works fully automatic. Fluids are dosed into the pipe lines by using the vacuum. These two non-toxic and biologically degradable fluids either ...

    By Qua-Vac BV based in Almere, NETHERLANDS. from Other Products Product line

  • Kombisorb - Activated Carbon

    Kombisorb products have all the advantages of activated carbon while at the same time minimizing its known drawbacks like fire risk by using at higher temperatures.

    By Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY. from Activated Carbon Product line

  • Online Analyser for Nickel

    Natural sources. The element nickel is found at low levels 0.0099% in the earth’s crust and exists mainly in the form of sulfide, oxide and silicate minerals. Industry. Nickel is used in alloys (stainless steel), electroplating, foundries, catalysts, welding rods and coinage, and can be found in electronic equipment, construction materials, ...

    By SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

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