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  • Explosives Detection & Identification Kit
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    Explosives Detection & Identification Kit

    By Field Forensics, Inc. (FFI)

    E.L.I.T.E.™ explosives detection colorimetric test kits are the most convenient test kits on the market. Each one is self contained, has a long shelf-life, detects a broad range of commercial, military, and ...

  • Detection System
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    Detection System

    By IEP Technologies, LLC

    Dynamic measuring cells in the detector sense changes in pressure. Once pre-programmed pressure values are exceeded, the detector reacts within microseconds to raise an alarm. The MEX Detector has up to two ceramic ...

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  • Cobalt Light Systems

    Cobalt Light Systems

    Cobalt Light Systems develops innovative products and technologies for non-invasive, through-barrier chemical analysis, for applications in airport ...


    Equipment for the measuring of gas (in the environment and at the emission) Continuously and intermittently at ground level (equipment for the ...

  • NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC

    NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC

    NETZSCH is a diversified manufacturer of specialized industrial equipment that provides proven solutions for a broad range of demanding industries. ...

  • HAB Fire & Security (Pty) Ltd

    HAB Fire and Security is the sole distributor of the industry leading Rapiscan Screening Systems. HAB specialises in installing and supporting the ...