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TopTurbine - Model TT20 - Firefighting Turbine for Fire & Hazardous Materials

by EmiControls     based in Bolzano, ITALY

TT20 is an innovative turbine. It atomizes up to 3.500 l/min water into fine droplets and throws them over high distances. The huge water surface provided by the droplets and the massive volume covered by the water mist ensures a high efficient abatement of hazardous materials, an extraordinary cooling effect as well as an outstanding fire ...

SparkShield - Spark Arrester

by Plymovent Group BV     based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS

SparkShield - protect your extraction system against sparks and cigarette butts. The cyclone spark arrester, SparkShield1, is a fire safety product, developed to reduce the risk of fire and to increase the filter’s lifespan. SparkShield prevents sparks, spatters and cigarette butts from entering the ductwork in welding fume extraction ...

IPEX BlazeMaster - Standard in Fire Sprinkler Systems

by IPEX     based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Approved for more applications than any other nonmetallic system on the market, IPEX BlazeMaster is the new industry standard in fire sprinkler systems. BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are fully approved for use in all NFPA 13 Ligh Hazard applications, in both new and retrofit construction.

Surveillance System Integration

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation     based in Bloomington, MINNESOTA (USA)

Detector Electronics is in business to keep our customers safe and satisfied. By adding surveillance and digital analysis opportunities to an already cutting edge, world class fire and gas system, we enable our customers to be just that – safe and satisfied.

xWatch - Model X7050 - Explosion-Proof Camera

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation     based in Bloomington, MINNESOTA (USA)

The xWatch explosion-proof surveillance camera provides a high-resolution color image, real-time viewing, and pre/post event analysis. The xWatch camera is designed specifically for remote, high-risk, and hard-to-access areas.

Water Spray Deluge Systems

by Gielle     based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY

Gielle’s high performance precision components. Water spray deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments where fires may spread very quickly or where valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled. These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications. Many types of nozzles may be required ...

Alkali - Vapour Suppressing Aqueous Foam

by Oil Technics Holdings Ltd     based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM

A high quality, fluorine free foam concentrate which quickly controls hazardous alkali spill vapour release to protect on-site emergency crews and minimise environmental damage.

Model B-1542 - Offshore Platform Fire Pump System

by Peerless Pump Company     based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA)

Peerless Pump has over 30 years of experience furnishing fire pumps for offshore fire protection. A world leader in fire pump systems, Peerless has installed thousands of reliable fire pumps world-wide.When purchasing an offshore fire pump system, Peerless Pump provides you with a single point of contact and single source responsibility. The ...

AirTrack-Profi - Extraction System

by Blaschke Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Meitingen, GERMANY

One of the best pro extraction systems in the world. AirTrack-Profi is our preferred solution for fire stations and rescue services of all types. The fully-automated extraction system reliably suctions out hazardous diesel exhaust gases, rust particles and fine dust. Also with hard daily usage. High operating convenience ensures maximum ...

Model FBM 314.20 - Fire Rated Storage Container

by Denios AG     based in GERMANY

With container type FBM base you'll have a safe and cost effective solution for the storage of flammable substances and liquids in all water polluting classes. The space saving shelving construction, in dimensions suited to the storage of drums, palletised goods or IBCs, permits the storage of large quantities of hazardous materials while still ...

DuPont - Model FM-200 - Fire Suppression Systems

by American Fire Technologies     based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

DuPont FM-200 (also known as HFC-227ea) is a Clean Agent Fire Suppressant and is probably the most popular of the Clean Agent family meeting the NFPA Standard 2001 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. FM-200 is rated for use on Class A, B, and C type fires. It is stored as a liquid and vaporizes in the distribution within the hazard. FM-200 is ...

Hilliard HILCO - Quench Oil Reclaimer

by The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division     based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA)

The HILCO Quench Oil Reclaimer safely and economically reconditions quench oil so that it can be reused. The system removes moisture, dissolved gas, and particulate contamination from oil-based quenching fluids. Water is removed, thus eliminating the cause of foaming and possible explosive and fire hazard.

Model M400 - Manual Fire Alarm Pull Station

by Safety Systems Technology, Inc. (SST)     based in Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA)

SST’s Model M400 Manual Stations is a high quality die cast metal unit designed for quick, reliable response in emergency situations. The station is activated by grasping the handle marked “pull” and pulling it down to the locked position.  Explosion proof model suitable for Class I Groups B, C, D, Class II Groups E, F, G, ...

Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets

by Denios AG     based in GERMANY

Third party approvals for Hazardous Material Buildings have been around since 1991 in the form of FM class 6049. FM began approving hazardous material storage buildings with the first edition of CLASS 6049 in that year. Manufacturers that receive FM approval have submitted their designs to a third party and then to FM for review in accordance with ...

Offshore - Highly-effective Fire Prevention

by Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH     based in Mannheim, GERMANY

When engines on on- and offshore platforms run for many years, as it is often the case, the potential failure of fuel feed lines is fire hazard number one. Insurers also recognize these risk factors. What matters is when highly inflammable media escape, it is essential to ensure that they cannot catch fire. As fully encapsulated spray ...

Model 125 - Explosion-Proof Smoke Monitor

by Codel International Ltd     based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM

In the event of a fire in a building or other structure, such as an oil rig, Health and Safety regulations require that immediate action be taken to prevent the ingress of smoke and fume into air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. The Model 125 explosion-proof smoke monitor is specifically designed to be mounted in ventilation ducts and to comply ...

CO Detect - Fire and Explosion Prevention System

by ATEX Explosion Hazards Ltd.     based in Lymm, UNITED KINGDOM

The Atex CO detection system uses advanced carbon monoxide (CO) sensors to detect early stages of powder combustion before a fire or explosion can be ignited. This allows the problem to be resolved either manually or automatically, reducing fire and explosion protection costs.

Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards Reduction Systems

by IEP Technologies     based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards can be reduced or eliminated by using an IEP Technologies System. Just about every facility that handles stores or processes solids has an explosion risk when solids turn into dust during processing. Dust explosions can and do occur in a wide range of materials including but limited to: Aluminum, Cellulose, ...


by Fogmaker International AB     based in Växjö, SWEDEN

The engine compartment in a bus is narrow and hot, with many potential hotbeds. A hot engine shares a limited space with hydraulics and fuel tubes, electric installations, compressors, heaters and much more that can constitute fire hazards. The course of event of a fire in an engine compartment is often fast and difficult to suppress with only a ...

Contractor Machinery

by Fogmaker International AB     based in Växjö, SWEDEN

Wheel loaders, excavators, trucks and other machinery are often used under very demanding circumstances. Hard working machines with narrow and hot engine compartments filled with hydraulic tubes, fuel tubes and electric installations are potential fire hazards. The fire’s course of event can be very fast and it can be very difficult to ...

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