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  • New Zealand research burn experiments test new theory on fire spread - Case Study

    It’s a hot, windy February day - perfect conditions for fire (in the Southern Hemisphere). Twenty-seven scientists and several million dollars of specialised equipment are gathered in a paddock of harvested wheat stubble near Darfield, New Zealand.This is the first phase of a four-year burning programme that will test a new theory on fire spread. The new theory was developed in the US ...


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  • Evaporative Cooling Media

    Evaporative Cooling Media

    GLASdek® GX40 is a high efficiency evaporative cooling media that is engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service. The media is made from inorganic, non-combustible material. It allows the use of water straight from the tap with no need for water treatment (i.e. demineralisation plants). In cases with non-sufficient water quality, ...