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  • Sentinel Ultraviolet Flame Monitor
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    Sentinel Ultraviolet Flame Monitor


    The Sentinel flame monitor reliably provides remote flame detection up to 550 feet away, durability, ease of maintenance and rapid response time. If the monitor detects the absence of a flame for an adjustable amount of ...

  • Portable Flame Ionisation Detector
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    Portable Flame Ionisation Detector

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH

    Flame ionisation detectors for inspecting underground gas lines. The PORTAFID M3K portable flame ionisation detector is the perfect tool for above-ground inspections of underground gas lines. It is reliable and highly ...

  • Flame Detector
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    Flame Detector

    By Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety

    Multi-Spectrum TriBand™ Fire & Flame Detector - Dual IR + Visible BandsThe FS18X is an advanced technology TriBand™ (IR/IR/Visible) Electro-Optical Flame Detector. High-speed solid-state Quantum sensors ...

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  • Safe-Fire Inc.

    Safe-Fire Inc.

    Safe-Fire has grown from a small company specializing in flame detection and boiler safety in the utility industry into a globally-recognized ...

  • Spectrex Inc

    Spectrex Inc

    Spectrex isn’t just a leader in Flame and Open Path Gas Detectors field. We are fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital ...

  • Tyco Gas & Flame Detection

    Tyco Gas & Flame Detection

    Tyco Gas & Flame Detection is one of the largest global manufacturers of gas and flame detection products, comprising five internationally-known ...

  • Sierra Monitor Corporation

    Sierra Monitor Corporation

    Sierra Monitor Corporation, a public corporation, delivers Information Technology for Environment Measurement and Control by developing specialized ...



    GEOKLOCK carries out geological and engineering environmental services and provides a complete range of specialized services in the environmental ...