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  • Bunker C Fuel Oil Spill - Case study

    Bunker C Fuel Oil Spill - Case study

    HE SITUATION: No. 6 fuel oil is a dense, viscous oil produced by blending heavy residual oils with a lighter oil (often No. 2 fuel oil) to meet specifications for viscosity and pour point. When spilled on water, No. 6 fuel usually spreads into thick, dark colored slicks, which can contain large amounts of oil. The most viscous no. 6 oils will often breakup into discrete patches and tarballs when ...


  • Guam`s Oil Spill Recovery Capacity Significantly Improved

    OSROCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cabras Marine, and T&T operate the skimming system as well as an array of small crafts, and other specialized response equipment. OSROCO, Cabras and T&T employees are trained and certified in accordance ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Oil Spill Cleanup Boom

    Oil Spill Cleanup Boom

    BIO-BOOM is the product of choice for quick containment of actual and anticipated oil and fuel spills on water. Kept near potential spill areas, BIO-BOOM can be a ready response when a hydrocarbon spill occurs. Also, Placed in a strategic locations, BIO-BOOM can restrict the spread of an expected spill. Many products contain a spill, though that’s where BIO-BOOM is different! In addition to ...