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  • Freeze Dryer with Infinite-Control
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    Freeze Dryer with Infinite-Control

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    The compact Lyovapor L-200 offers high-quality Freeze Drying (-55 °C, 6 kg) with a high level of automation. Infinite-Control includes easy method creation, method running, data logging, chart recording in real-time ...

  • Fireplaces
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    By GCER

    Processing and sizing: GCER does not develop all parts concerning scrubber sizing and does not issue guarantees in this respect.

  • Ductless Fume Cabinet
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    Ductless Fume Cabinet

    By Bigneat Containment Technology

    Chemcap Clearview ductless fume cabinets include Chemcap™ carbon filtration and give the user all-round Clearview vision. A range of six standard cabinet sizes with touch button controls and audible low airflow ...

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  • Air Master Systems, Corp. (AMS )

    Air Master Systems, Corp. (AMS )

    AMS has been manufacturing fume hood products that solve laboratory ventilation problems for over 35 years. We bring you products that combine ...


    Alphalab and its associated companies have specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory fume cupboards and ancillary ...

  • Wisconsin Oven Corporation

    Wisconsin Oven Corporation

    Wisconsin Oven Corporation designs and builds thermal incinerators for oxidizing the fumes from the exhaust streams of ovens. Most often, the ...

  • AirClean Systems

    AirClean Systems

    AirClean Systems manufactures a complete range of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods designed to protect the operator, the process, or both ...

  • Kemper GmbH

    Kemper GmbH

    KEMPER was founded in Vreden, Germany in 1977 and is a pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke extraction. That means over ...