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Germicides equipment for Health and Safety

  • Bio-Fighter VersaLight

    Versatility is the word that best describes the Bio-Fighter¬ VersaLight. HVAC applications where germicidal UV light is needed exist in a wide variety of mechanical and electrical parameters. The VersaLight provides the installing contractor with a patent pending, remote mounted lamp capability that allows placement of one, or two, of the HO ...

    By Dust Free based in Royse City, TEXAS (USA).

  • Quartz U-Lamps

    Our quartz U-shaped germicidal and ozone lamps can produce more intense UV radiation in a limited space, allowing designers more flexibility. These lamps are available with center-to-center leg spacing from 22mm to 76mm, and offer the perfect solution by effectively doubling the arc length and UVC output.

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Quartz U-Lamps Product line

  • Model ArmorLite™ - Safety Shield for Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps

    ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is available for use with most Ster-L-Ray® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. The ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is a protective envelope that can be applied to most germicidal lamps (linear lamps up to 64-inches long) purchased from and manufactured by Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation.The ArmorLite™ Safety ...

    By Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Safety Shield for Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps Product line

  • Ballasts

    LightSources, Inc. and LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. offer an extensive line of electronic ballasts, covering a wide range of germicidal lamps. Choosing the right ballast is essential because the interaction of lamps and ballasts is the true determinant of system performance. As elements in electrical circuits, germicidal lamps are not “passive” ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Model Electronic Ballasts - For UVC Germicidal Lamps

    Light Sources and strategic partner LightTech offer an extensive line of electronic ballasts, covering a wide range of UVC germicidal lamps.Choosing the right ballast is essential because system performance is dependent on the interaction between the lamp and ballast.

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY.

  • STERIBRUSH Family Toothbrush Sanitizer: Cup Style UV Germicidal Sterilizer

    Steribrush™ Cup Style UV Germicidal Toothbrush Sanitizer protects family from harmful bacteria & viruses that thrive on toothbrushes . Kills germs using germicidal UV technology used to sanitize dental equipment. Will result in better oral health.

    By IMTEK Environmental Corporation based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Quartz Sleeves For Germicidal Lamps

    Quartz sleeves are a good investment, offering protection against air and water flow breakage, leakage, temperature fluctuations, and environmental hazards. Light Sources companies engineer a variety of standard and custom quartz sleeves and jackets that can be applied to a range of germicidal UVC lamp types, including standard, high output (HO), ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • UVDI Lumacept - Model UVC Max - Reflective Coating

    Lumacept is a UV-C reflective coating developed for use with UV-C disinfection devices like the V-360. Standard paint and wall coverings absorb 93-97% of the germicidal UV-C light.  The UV-C light that reaches shadowed areas has to reflect off surfaces like walls and ceilings, and with each bounce most of the remaining UV-C light is absorbed ...

    By Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reflective Coating Product line

  • Standard Germicidal Lamps

    Lamps manufactured by First Light are made of pure quartz tubing versus soft glass to maximize the lamps usable life. Soft glass lamps have reduced output and shorter usable life due to the negative effects of solarization.

    By First Light Technologies, Inc. based in Poultney, VERMONT (USA). from Standard Germicidal Lamps Product line

  • UV Germicidal Water Purification

    Germicidal UVC water purification offers a safe, effective and cost-efficient alternative to chemical treatment. With no harmful byproducts, its worldwide use is critical for eco-systems and reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA). from UV Germicidal Water Purification Product line

  • Quartz Vessels

    First Light’s germicidal lamps and quartz sleeves are manufactured using 99.9% pure fused quartz. This material allows for maximum UV transmission. Quartz sleeves are available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters. First Light’s capabilities include cutting, doming, bending, polishing, splicing, and flaring.

    By First Light Technologies, Inc. based in Poultney, VERMONT (USA). from Quartz Vessels Product line

  • Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate

    Appearance:It is kind of white or nearly white crystal or primrose yellow transparency liquid. Function:It can be used as natural rubber,bunas and ultraaccelerator used in rubber latex;metal settling agent;agricultural germicide and manganese ore collector. Technical index is up to the standard of Q/BHG05-2003. Packpacking:500Kg&40Kg to ...

    By HongKong Ablechem Industrial Limited based in Cheung Lee ST Chai Wan, CHINA. from Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate Product line

  • Tanning Lamps

    As a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tanning beds it’s crucial to retain your aftermarket. Light Sources and LightTech’s strategic partnership now offer their global OEM tanning customers a sustainable and beneficial concept, which we have successfully marketed to our UV germicidal lamp clients. And we’ve done this ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • GLM100 Germicidal Lamp Monitor

    The GLM100 Germicidal Lamp Monitor consists of the LM100 lamp monitor and the UW254 Germicidal Detector.

    By Solar Light based in Glenside, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Radiant - Model JouleSafe - Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection

    The JouleSafe is designed to offer Ultraviolet Germicidal disinfection at the maximum performance based on the lamp to substrate design within the JouleSafe chamber. The controls of the system allow the user to define operations to either time of exposure or energy dosage levels. The system is designed for dry product disinfection and may be used ...

    By Radiant Industrial Solutions, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection Product line

  • Model Chemical Additives - MPUV High Intensity Discharge Lamps

    Most UV inks and coatings are cured with UV exposure Lamps.  These lamps are much higher power than a germicidal lamp.  Germicidal lamps have power levels that are just several watts/inch of arc length.  The UV exposure lamps start at approximately 100W/inch and upward.  UV exposure lamps can be made to give considerable ...

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY.

  • Model S1E-S12E - Electrum Series

    Flow rate from 2gpm (0.5 m3/Hr.) up to 15gpm (3.4m3/Hr.) Compact UV systems require minimum installation space  Safe disinfection with low operating costs  Simple maintenance without tools  UV lamp can be replaced without interrupting the  water flow Quality quartz low-pressure germicidal lamp (10,000 hours rated life) ...

    By Aqua Best Technology Limited based in SHANGHAI, CHINA.

  • Standard Quartz Germicidal Lamps

    Light Sources and LightTech offer high-quality standard germicidal lamps in both ozone free and ozone generating solutions. The type of fused quartz used to make the body of the germicidal lamp determines the emission of the wavelength of the UV energy. 'L' or “Low ozone” generating lamps transmit up to 90% of their energy at the 254nm ...

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Standard Quartz Germicidal Lamps Product line

  • High Output Lamps

    LightSources, Inc. and LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd are pleased to offer our clients top of the line High Output (HO) germicidal lamps. These lamps yield twice the amount of ultraviolet (UV) output than standard lamps of the same length. All common lamp sizes are available for purchase at LightSources and LightTech. HO lamps are of tremendous ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • TQI - Model GLBTA-P4 Bi-Tube - Douple-Tube Germicidal Lamps

    TQI these lamps are specially manufactured for douple-tube germicidal lamps for use in water of liquid. They are very easy lo handle because have a douple-tube structure with the outside of a straight germicidal tamp being sealed with UV glass and a base is used in only on side They can be directly immersed uito water lighting Sice they arc ...

    By Terme Quartz Internazionale s.a.s. (TQI ) based in Acquappesa, ITALY. from Douple-Tube Germicidal Lamps Product line

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