Hazardous Gas Companies (Health and Safety) serving Latin America

  • ATO Gas Detector Inc

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.

    ATO Gas Detector Inc

    ATO Gas Detector Inc is a best source to find a portable, personal single or multi gas monitor. The gas detector is designed to quickly find the source of gas leaks keep you and your property safe in daily life or during the production. The Gas ...

  • Trolex Ltd

    based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Trolex Ltd

    Trolex Ltd, a leading global supplier of gas and particulate detection, connector solutions and strata monitoring systems to the mining, industrial, tunnelling and oil & gas sectors. Our products are deployed in over 100 countries by some of the ...

    Trolex - Model TX6383 - Flammable Gas Detector

    Trolex - Model TX6383 - Flammable Gas Detector

    Fixed gas detection for point source hazards and perimeter protection in arduous duty and exposed locations. Suitable for use in SIL 1 and SIL 2 applications, in accordance with any conditions or ...

  • Blackline Safety Corp.

    based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Blackline Safety Corp.

    Blackline safety is a leader in connected safety monitoring technology, delivering instant situational awareness and connectivity for every industry, location, job and scenario. Our all-new G7 wireless gas detector and lone worker monitoring system ...

    Blackline - Model G7 - Cloud-Connected Gas Detection Sensors

    Blackline - Model G7 - Cloud-Connected Gas Detection Sensors

    G7 devices deliver never-before-seen gas detection configurability. ...


    based in Bad Mergentheim, GERMANY.


    BARTEC standard of Excellence. BARTEC designs, manufactures, sells a wide range of safety components and systems for use in hazardous areas. Safety technology is indispensable to life in all areas where hazardous substances such as oil, gas or dust ...

    Motors For Hazardous Areas - Dust Ignition Proof Motors

    Motors For Hazardous Areas - Dust Ignition Proof Motors

    The electro-motors from series 4KCT are manufactured for use in gas hazardous atmospheres with a maximum explosion-proof protection II 2G EExde II ...

  • Avir Sensors

    based in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA (USA).

    Avir Sensors

    The ChemSight™ Hazardous Gas Detection System from Avir Sensors delivers comprehensive information about chemical threats in a matter of seconds. ChemSight™ can identify minute quantities of hazardous gaseous chemicals over a wide coverage area, has ...

    ChemSight - Hazardous Gas Detection System

    ChemSight - Hazardous Gas Detection System

    The ChemSight detector is an infrared (IR), line of sight, sensing system for point of entry, fixed security, fence line and perimeter protection that utilizes a simple, non-contact, spectral analysis of the atmosphere. The use of optical ...

  • Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of inno

    based in Bloomington, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of inno

    Det-Tronics is a global leader in industrial hazard safety solutions, providing flame detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for critical industrial applications. We design, build, test, and commission certified SIL-2 capable flame ...

    PointWatch - Model PIR9400 - Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

    PointWatch - Model PIR9400 - Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

    The PointWatch detector is a diffusion-based point-type infrared gas detector approved to provide continuous monitoring of methane gas concentration in the range of 0 to 100% LFL. The detector provides a 4-20 mA output signal, corresponding to the ...

  • Boreal Europe B.V.

    based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS.

    Boreal Europe B.V.

    Boreal Laser Inc. and its predecessor, Aurora Laser Inc., have developed and constructed laser systems since 1986 for the Canadian Forces Defense Research Establishments, for licensing to private industry and for their Boreal`s own manufacturing. ...

  • Optronics Technology AS

    based in NORWAY.

    Optronics Technology AS

    Optronics Technology AS is on a mission to protect all life from gas hazards by providing the best gas detection safety with world class optical detection products. Optronics can develop and produce your next generation of optical gas detectors. We ...

  • IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group)

    based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM.

    IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group)

    Our Water Services business at IETG is built around three core divisions; CCTV and Drainage, Clean Water Services and Waste Water Services. We also offer a range of leading-edge products that are designed to assist water companies in the management ...

  • Industrial Accessories Company

    based in Mission, KANSAS (USA).

    Industrial Accessories Company

    IAC is an Industrial Design/Build, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier of process equipment for APC, DUST COLLECTION, HAZARDOUS GAS EMISSION MITIGATION, PNEUMATIC MATERIAL TRANSPORT, and BULK MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS.In addition, IAC ...

  • Air Dimensions Inc

    based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

    Air Dimensions Inc

    Air Dimensions Incorporated has more than 60 years of combined experience in the development, engineering and production of precision diaphragm pumps and compressors. Each of our durable Dia-Vac® pumps boasts completely oil-free, contamination-free ...

  • The Canary Company Pty Ltd

    The Canary Company Pty Ltd supplies its services worldwide covering a large range of 'Smart' gas detectors, gas monitors and systems for hazardous, LEL, toxic and oxygen (O2) gases. Specialising in fumigation monitoring as well as the low level ...

  • Green Instruments A/S

    based in Brønderslev, DENMARK.

    Green Instruments A/S

    Green Instruments is a global company that specializes in measurement and analysis technologies for both marine and land based industries. We develop and manufacture monitoring and measuring equipment for emission control, water and gas analysis, ...


    based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA).


    ENMET offers a variety of creative gas detection solutions for health, safety and process applications in municipal, industrial, assorted commercial, research, medical, military and other markets. Products range from compressed air line monitors to ...

    ENMET - Model CP-60 - Hazardous Gas Detection Controller

    ENMET - Model CP-60 - Hazardous Gas Detection Controller

    CP-60 is a 1, 2, or 3 channel wall mount controller designed for monitoring up to three 4-20 mA inputs from remote gas sensor/transmitters or similar devices. The instrument provides 24 VDC power, audible/visual alarms, alarm ...

  • Pure Air Filtration, LLC

    based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Pure Air Filtration, LLC

    info @ pureairfiltration .com PureAir Filtration specializes in providing customized, high performance air quality solutions. Each system is custom designed because each customer has a unique problem. Our systems often include make up air, air ...

  • Guardian Manufacturing

    based in Cocoa, FLORIDA (USA).

    Guardian Manufacturing

    Guardian Manufacturing, Inc., has strategically developed into a leader of industrial & commercial control system design and integration. Guardian products include energy efficient ozone laundry systems, ozone generators, water based ozone ...

    Hazardous Gas Monitors

    Hazardous Gas Monitors

    Guardian Manufacturing Inc. provides hazardous gas monitors (HGM) for the following ...

  • Micropack Detection

    based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

    Micropack Detection

    For over 25 years, MICROPACK has been actively working with the oil & gas industry and are today recognised as specialists in Fire & Gas hazard detection technologies. In the early nineteen eighties MICROPACK was involved in offshore process ...



    We carry out a wide range of in depth F&G training courses covering the design, implementation and correct operation of F&G detection systems, from Technician to Engineer ...

  • Dupont

    based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA).


    DuPont is committed to protecting people. From first responders to industrial workers, DuPont provides a solution to meet your safety needs. DuPont Personal Protection offers a wide range of proven, science-based solutions including some of the most ...

  • Sensit Technologies

    based in Valparaiso, INDIANA (USA).

    Sensit Technologies

    SENSIT Technologies designs, manufactures and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators and confined space monitors. Our product-line also includes vehicle mounted methane detectors and underground pipe ...

    GAS•TRAC - Model LZ-30 - Laser Methane Gas Detector

    GAS•TRAC - Model LZ-30 - Laser Methane Gas Detector

    GAS•TRAC LZ-30 is a compact, hand-held methane gas detector that uses laser light for instant, accurate response to methane gas. Quickly and safely detect methane gas leaks at distances up to 100 feet. Easily access hard-to-reach locations, ...

  • Bifold Fluidpower Ltd

    based in Chadderton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Bifold Fluidpower Ltd

    Bifold Fluidpower Ltd Leaders in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic stainless steel directional control valves and accessories for hazardous, corrosive and subsea environments. Within the Bifold Group, Marshalsea Hydraulics, is a ...

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