Hazardous Materials Regulations

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  • What are Regional Screening Levels (RSL) and why are they used?

    What are Regional Screening Levels (RSL) and why are they used?

    The Regional Screening Levels (RSL) can be described as risk-based concentrations derived from standardized equations combining exposure information assumptions with EPA toxicity data (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2020).Why are SLs used?The EPA Regional Screening Levels (RSL) are used for site screening and as initial cleanup goals. In site screening, the most c


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  • Continuous Flue Gas Monitoring System

    Continuous Flue Gas Monitoring System

    The IMR 5000 is state-of-the-art continuous flue-gas monitoring system, and is designed for a wide variety of flue-gas monitoring applications. The IMR 5000 is a stand-alone analyzer that works automatically. Available in a 19" rack mount or rugged wall mounted enclosure. The wall mount enclosure meets NEMA type 4X (IP65) standards. The modular approach of the IMR 5000 allows multiple gases (up ...

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  • Laboratory Inspection and Auditing

    Laboratory Inspection and Auditing

    Quality auditing of pharmaceutical quality control laboratories is an important activity for those performing due diligence or monitoring the performance of a sub-contractor. Besides covering GMP regulations affecting pharmaceutical quality control, this one-day course is designed to provide the non-specialist with the necessary knowledge to understand the quality significance and risk associated ...