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    VacuDry Working Principle Brochure

    VacuDry® working principle econ industries GmbH • Würmstraße 4 • 82319 Starnberg • Germany Tel: +49 (0)8151 44 63 77 - 10 • info@econindustries.com • www.econindustries.com Process and design At the core of the econ industries VacuDry® process is a bespoke dryer chamber which uses heat and controlled vacuum to evaporate volatile contaminants. The batch-wise working indirectly heated ...

    By econ industries GmbH

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    Econ Industries Company Profile Brochure

    Company Presentation Information. econ industries GmbH Würmstraße 4 • 82319 Starnberg • Germany Tel.: +49 (0)8151 44 63 77 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)8151 44 63 77 - 99 E-Mail: info@econindustries.com Web: www.econindustries.com Systems for the treatment of industrial hazardous wastes econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of industrial hazardous wastes and contaminated soils. econ’s aim ...

    By econ industries GmbH

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    Grease Traps & Separators Brochure

    Traps and separators allow fats and grease to naturally separate out from water, allowing their removal prior to the wastewater reaching the drainage system. The trap or separator should be installed close to the source of contamination before any foul waste can enter the drainage flow and to suit the expected liquid ...

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd

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    3E Hazardous Waste Services Brochure

    3E Waste Management services are provided on an as-needed basis or by establishing a regular schedule. 3E handles thousands of hazardous waste projects each year, including hundreds of projects resulting from emergency response activities. 3E negotiates the best possible contract with a single pre-qualified hauler for pickups on pre-arranged dates. 3E coordinates the entire process, including the ...

    By 3E Company

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    Continuous emissions monitoring in waste incineration plants - application note

    GasmetTM FTIR application note Continuous emissions monitoring in waste incineration plants KEY WORDS • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) • Waste incineration • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) OVERVIEW Waste incineration is an effective way of converting waste to energy. On the other hand, waste incineration plants are governed by strict emissions regulations. An FTIR Continuous ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy

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    Helix Dryer Vacuum Contact Drying Brochure

    Krauss-Maffei HD/BD helix dryerswww.andritz.comBD-EN-05_11.qxp_Layout 1 23.02.12 10:32 Page 1 Krauss-Maffei HD/BD helix dryersTable of contentsKrauss-Maffei helix dryer, HD 3Process advantages  4Krauss-Maffei helix dryer, BD 5Process advantages  6Helix dryer, HD/BD mobile 7Process advantages  8Systems 9Process automation 10Technical data 11Test centers 12Services  13Company profile 14Product ...

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    Rotan - Model GP Series - General Purpose Internal Gear Pumps Brochure

    INDUSTRYROTAN® – Geared to individual solutionsPROVEN TECHNOLOGYINDUSTRYKey factors in all areas of the process industry are production reliability, productivity and performance. These are precisely the areas addressed by the DESMI range of products, systems and services. Value-added liquid transport solutions for local and global companies are our scope of supply.INTRODUCTION 4MODELS ...

    By DESMI A/S

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    Methane / Non-Methane Analyzer Application Note

    The Model 8900 Methane/NonMethane Analyzer provides direct measurement of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons. This instrument is utilized in ambient air monitoring networks around metropolitan areas, fence-line monitoring at industrial plants and hazardous waste sites, and in the production of high purity industrial gases. Methane is a naturally occurring gas generated from the decomposition of ...

    By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

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    Tobacco Drying & Incineration Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser

    www.process-combustion.co.uk +44 (0) 1423 879944 • Process Combustion have supplied several thermal oxidiser and process heater units for the tobacco processing industry. • The thermal oxidiser provides heat into the tobacco drying loop using a recycle heat exchanger. An exhaust stream from the drying loop is supplied to the thermal ...

    By Process Combustion Ltd

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    Hazardous & Medical Waste Shredding Brochure

    Object MovedThis document may be found ...

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

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    Quad Four-Shaft Shredder Brochure

    ®QUAD ® mode ls4 shafts + One pass = SMALL, UNIFORM PARTICLE SIZE WHY use a Quad ®?• Low-speed benefits—low noise, low dust, low heat generation, low operation and maintenance costs• Robust, high-torque shearing technology designed to process tough, compressible materials such as metals, carpet, tires, etc.• “Self-cleaning” cutting chamber and screen design• ...

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

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    SSI Dual-Shear Two-Shaft Shredder Brochure

    ®DUAL- SHEAR ® mode lsCutting chamber 23” x 31” (W x L) (580mm x 760mm)Hopper opening 42” x 51” (W x L) (1055mm x 1290mm) Optional lengths 25” or 40” (635mm or 1025mm)HP Range 30 - 40 (23-30kW)Cutter thickness 1” (25mm)M55 SHREDDERS FOR ALL APPLICATIONSWHY use a Dua l - Shear ®?• ...

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

  • TDXDataExchange - Hazardous Waste Software Brochure

    TDXDataExchange is an advanced hazardous waste software solution developed by Terralink, the first company to deliver a Windows-based solution for hazardous waste information management. TDXDataExchange is a platform that provides the basis for managing all your hazardous waste information needs, giving you maximum flexibility for communications and growth - including Internet options. The core ...

    By Terralink Systems Inc.

  • TDXAnywhere - Hazardous Materials Management Software Brochure

    TDXAnywhere is TDX on the web. This powerful and easy to use web application provides the basis for managing all your hazardous waste information needs - with just a web browser and no local software installation. With TDXAnywhere you have complete access to the core design of TDX, which employs an interface with a Windows Explorer look and feel interface. This, coupled with our unique ...

    By Terralink Systems Inc.

  • TDXEnterprise - Hazardous Materials Management Software - Brochure

    TDXEnterprise is the latest addition to Terralink’s software product line. Designed for the heavy inventory demands of a TSD facility TDXEnterprise employs a Windows Explorer look and feel interface for easy access to your company's hazardous waste information. Add our recommended bar code equipment to TDXEnterprise™ in order to accurately track and audit your inventory with ease. ...

    By Terralink Systems Inc.

  • APOLO - Model SWD - Contaminated Polystyrene Foam Compactor Brochure

    Apolo SWD System is an EPS recycling system esp. for contaminated eps waste. First EPS waste will be crushed into small scraps then washed and dried, finally compacted into EPS blocks. This EPS Recycling system has reached ITALY and United States where it has helped them to deal with garden trays are made of EPS and other dirty EPS ...

    By Intco - Greenmax Recycling

  • Prologa - Version SAP - Material Flow Management Software Brochure

    An intelligent material flow management provides the relevant data for important management decisions. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your waste streams not only with regard to the hazardousness of the waste that is transported or disposed of. Moreover, the multitude of national and international legal regulations does not really help in making the rendering of environmentally friendly ...

    By Prologa GmbH

  • Smash-It - Model A336-1001-8PB - Cubic Yard Box Compactor - Brochure

    The Smash-It pneumatic cubic yard compactor compresses the contents of a cubic yard box. The Smash-It can compact many types of waste, saving on disposal costs and required space. Once Smash-It is connected to a compressed air source the drum that is to be compacted is centered under the ram plate and then press the palm buttons. Smash-It compactors are designed for a variety of ...

    By Air Cycle Corporation

  • Model DRBF Series - Roof Gutter Biofilter Brochure

    The biofilters of the series DRBF have been specially designed for the odour elimination and corrosion reduction in roof drain pipes. Especially where rain water and waste water are lead to the same dewatering pipes there are often problems with odour and corrosion. By the stack-effect of the roof drain pipe waste air which is contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and odor comes in contact with the ...

  • Purifics DeWRS - DeWatering Recovery System - Brochure

    DeWRS concentrates the sludge and recovers oil, BTEX and PAHs during the closed loop process in the CUF system. DeWRS eliminates the need to truck waste water to hazardous waste sites, and allows the filtration system This technology is integrated into CUF platforms to enhance performance and product ...

    By Purifics Water Inc.

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