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  • Reducing first responder exposure to hazardous chemicals

    Reducing first responder exposure to hazardous chemicals

    First responders, governments and the military have a duty to plan and prepare for the protection of the public in the event of an accident, disaster or attack using chemical, nuclear or biological agents. In an emergency, response speed is essential, any delay can exacerbate the situation resulting in more serious injury with possible long-term consequences, permanent disability and even death. ...

  • Online Hazmat Training and Exposure Badges

    One of the ways BMT keeps people and the planet safe is by providing our partners with comprehensive HAZMAT training on the handling, and response to handling, hazardous materials. We also supply ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Simulated Radiation Source

    Simulated Radiation Source

    The STS Safe-PocketSource simulator is a simulated radiation source designed to aid the tuition of workers in the nuclear industry in safe practices and in understanding the nature and mechanics of ionising radiation. The instrument operates using an STS radio frequency emitter to generate a field which can be detected by any of the Safe-Series monitors and postal detectors with the resultant ...