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Heat Stress Monitoring equipment for Health and Safety

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    Scarlet - Model TWL-1S - Smart Heat Stress Detector

    The Best Practices in Heat Stress Management During Work. Thermal Work Limit Solutions Designed for Extreme Weather Condition.

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Smart Heat Stress Detector Product line

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    ecoTech TensioMark - Matric Potential Sensor

    The TensioMark measures the soil water potential or matric potential, the pressure it takes to pull water out of the soil. It is an indicator of stress to plants and crops, and can be used to determine soil water fluxes, and available water held in the soil.  Water equilibrates with the ceramic tip portion of the sensor where the heat ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Matric Potential Sensor Product line

  • Nordic - Chamber Furnaces With a Removable Hearth Used for Thermal Processing

    Firm structured furnaces with a removable hearth for a more comfortable loading are used for thermal processing of various types of materials up to 1300 °C. The furnaces are suitable for hardening, stress relieving, normalising, and other thermal treatment proc- esses. The furnaces may be applied in metal and other branches of industry. Laboratory ...

  • Model MVV9002 - Heat Shield Portable Wireless Meter

    Heat Shield includes globe temperature, wet bulb temperature the, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity and displays on-line WBGT indoor & outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex. Thanks to its built-in radio technology, Heat Shield can support up to two satellite units to calculate WBGT at different levels (ISO 7243: 1989) or in different ...

    By LSI-LASTEM srl based in Settala Premenugo, ITALY. from Heat Shield Portable Wireless Meter Product line

  • Neoloy (NPA) Cellular Confinement Technology

    Based on nano-fibers in a polyolefin matrix, the novel polymeric alloy (NPA) combines the ductility of HDPE with the dimensional stability and creep resistance of polyester. This provides the PRS-Neoweb geocells with unprecedented stiffness, tensile strength and durability. Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb is manufactured in multi-layer strips of high ...

    By PRS Geo-Technologies based in -, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Salare - Model WPB - Wet Process Bench

    The unit is constructed from all white stress relieved non-corrosive polypropylene, all heat seam welded and tested.The unit design consideration is for wet process and clean room placement.Located at eye-level is a full width instrument compartment; the design of this compartment allows for all instrumentation associated with process vessels.The ...

    By Salare, Inc. based in Henderson, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Wet Process Bench Product line

  • EC Walk-in Oven

    The EC composite curing oven line combines high performance with affordability. Ovens are available as Class 'A' or Class 'B', any voltage, and with gas or electric heat. All Precision Quincy curing ovens are of welded steel construction and quality components are used throughout. Ovens come with a limited warranty and are factory wired and tested ...

    By Precision Quincy Corp. based in Byron,, ILLINOIS (USA). from EC Walk-in Oven Product line

  • Solmax - Model BioCoverPro Series - High Density Polyethylene Liner Geomembrane (HDPE)

    The use of high–density polyethylene (HDPE) liner as a cover material in anaerobic lagoons has gained popularity in South East Asia due to its excellent benefit-cost ratio. Solmax’s all new BioCoverPro Series uses a special proprietary blend of HDPE resins and additives that enhance the technical benefits of HDPE liners. Solmax ...

    By Solmax based in Varennes, QUEBEC (CANADA). from High Density Polyethylene Liner Geomembrane (HDPE) Product line

  • Nordic - Universal Industrial Electric Chamber Ovens up to 400 - 600 °C

    Universal industrial electric ovens with induced air circulation are suitable for various materials curing, aging, annealing, stress re- lieving, normalising, and other thermal treatment processes up to 400 - 600 °C. Ovens can be applied in electronics, plastics, met- al, and other branches of industry. The application of induced air circulation ...

  • Tornum - Model HAGA - Hot Air Furnace

    The market-leading hot-air furnace, made in Sweden and specially designed for grain drying. The large combustion chamber ensures a long service life as the chamber temperature can be kept at levels that ensure low thermal stress. Approved by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The Haga furnace is available with oil, biodiesel and pellets ...

    By Tornum AB based in Kvänum, SWEDEN. from Hot Air Furnace Product line

  • ActiBeet - Naturally Betaine

    The naturally betaine of ActiBeet is extracted of beet molasses en is being produced in Europe. The betaine in ActiBeet is obtained through refining the residues of sugarproduction. This takes place by a special process where saccharides devices precipitate. ActiBeet Liquid contains at least 40% of betaine.

    By Euro Feed Services Holland B.V (E.F.S.) based in Culemborg, NETHERLANDS.

  • Truck Ovens

    Truck ovens are available as Class “A” or Class “B”, any voltage, and with gas or electric heat. Where volatile, toxic or undesirable fumes are present, exhaust fans are required. Additional options include carts, double doors at both ends, programmers and recorders. All Precision Quincy truck ovens are of welded steel ...

    By Precision Quincy Corp. based in Byron,, ILLINOIS (USA). from Truck Ovens Product line

  • Frazier - Universal Tile Gage

    Standard Test Method for Size and Squareness of Resilient Floor Tile by Dial Gage Method. The final appearance of an installed tile floor depends upon several factors. These include but are not limited to size and squareness of the tile, the quality of joint cut, the quality and preparation of the subfloor and the skill of the installer. Long term ...

    By Frazier Precision Instrument Company, Inc. based in Hagerstown, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System

    Plants perform at their peak when conditions are best suited to their genetics: Light needs to be sufficiently available, temperature ranges need to support growth while limiting stress, and humidity levels need to let plants freely transpire, but not so much that the water supply from their roots is limited. If even one of these variables is ...

    By Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions based in Richmond, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System Product line

  • Logstor - European Piping Systems

    Headquartered in Denmark, Logstor is the world’s pre-eminent producer of pre-insulated pipe systems employing over 1400 people in 9 production facilities.  Logstor is credited with having invented pre-insulated pipe technology and have supplied more than 160,000 km (99,500 miles) of pipe with over 40 years experience in fine ...

    By Urecon Ltd. based in St. Lazare-de-Vaudreuil, QUEBEC (CANADA). from European Piping Systems Product line

  • Pentek 3M Roto-Peen - Model RP-ZF - Flap Wheel Assembly

    Roto-Peen RP-ZF flap wheel assembly. Use for cleaning and descaling operations. Applicable for landing gear assemblies, wing structures, helicopter rotor hubs, jet engine support members, peening after grinding, peening before plating, peening of surfaces subject to stress corrosion, peen straightening, peen forming, weld heat affect zone bond ...

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Flap Wheel Assembly Product line

  • Series 5000 Hose

    The Series 5000 Hose is a versatile option and may be used for hose reels, overhead exhaust systems, underground systems, welding, industrial use, light-duty material handling, and agricultural use. The 5000 Hose has been tested, using the bake test for Continuous Duty at 350-degrees F. The 5000 Hose has been tested, with an air passing standard, ...

    By Monoxivent based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA). from Series 5000 Hose Product line

  • Schwarze - Spray Patcher Load King

    The Schwarze Spray Patcher Load King is a self-contained asphalt repair until designed for towing with a one ton pickup for easy, one-man operation. The Load King has a 2.0 yard aggregate hopper and a 100-gallon emulsion tank to keep repair crews repairing streets, not travelling back and forth for supplies. The operator controls are conveniently ...

    By Schwarze Industries, Inc. based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Spray Patcher Load King Product line

  • Bristle Blaster - Model MBX Series - IN-LINE Drive Unit

    The MBX Bristle Blaster Industrial Pneumatic is an IN-LINE drive unit which is distinguished by patented innovations (the patented air cooling system increases the service life of the flexibleMBX Bristle Blaster belts, the patented MBX accelerator bar is the basis for achieving roughnesses on steel or stainless steel and other materials (40- 120 ...

    By ANTICOR PPH Sp. z o.o. based in WIELICZKA, POLAND.


    Constructed of a 4-layer woven base and 100% polyester fibers and yarns, DURA-DRY® 2000 is tough enough to withstand the heat and stress of today’s modern double-backers, yet permeable enough to allow rapid drying. Our patented processing technique and excellent seam-to-belt uniformity provides an extra measure of safety against board ...

    By Albany International Corp. based in Rochester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from DURA-DRY Product line

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