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  • Nanoparticles


    Nanoparticle Definition“Nanoparticle” is a catch-all term. There is no consensus on definitions or nomenclature for nanoparticles or nano aerosols. Other terms for this material include “Ultrafine Particle” (less than 100 nm in diameter). Current terminology for measuring worker exposure to particulates does not take particle size ranges into account.


  • COVID-19 Announcement from SIGMA GROUP

    COVID-19 Announcement from SIGMA GROUP

    Dear customers, suppliers, and collaborators:At SIGMA GROUP, we are closely following the evolution of COVID-19, based on information and guidelines published by health authorities around the world.Following these authorities` recommendations, since ...

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  • FT-NIR Standalone Spectrometer

    FT-NIR Standalone Spectrometer

    The NIRMaster Pro IP65 is the world’s first dedicated FT-NIR standalone spectrometer with IP65 protection class. Its hygienic design is certified to be resistant to water jet cleaning procedures. It fully meets the requirements for safety of quality control instruments used in dairy and meat food production.