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    SoundPLAN - Version 7.4 - Aircraft Noise Module - Brochure

    SoundPLAN is especially excited about two features which we will  highlight in discussions about version 7.4; one is the new developments for industry noise and the other is the data entry from measured radar tracks in the aircraft noise module. Of course, there are improvements throughout the program, but these are especially ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC

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    SoundPLAN Info #3 April 2012 - Brochure

    If you are not a SoundPLAN user and want to experiment with the capabilities of the Facade Noise Map to see how easy it is to get EU noise statistics,please feel free to download the demo version from our server (download SoundPLAN). If you want to use a real version, ask the SoundPLAN rep fromyour area (the links are located on the right border of this page) about this, and if you are a current ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC

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    SoundPLAN Info #2 March 2012 - Brochure

    SoundPLAN Info #2 March 2012 Dear SoundPLAN users and future users, SoundPLAN Info emails are a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter service we offer in 2012. Because not all SoundPLAN capabilities are obvious, we will highlight certain modules and features, and provide detailed explanations so you can become more proficient with SoundPLAN, create better investigation models ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC

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    SoundPLAN Info #4 May 2012 - Brochure

    If you are not a SoundPLAN user and want to experiment with Wall Design to see for yourself how easy it is to optimize a noise protection wall, please download the demo version from our server (download SoundPLAN). If you want to use a real version, contact your SoundPLAN rep (links located at the right border of this page). If you are a SoundPLAN user and want to test a module, contact you rep ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC

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    SoundPLAN Propagation Software® - Industry Noise Brochure (PDF 372 KB)

    EntwurfSoundPLAN®BRAUNSTEIN + BERNDT GMBHSoundPLAN®Integrated calculationEfficient definitionExpert SystemExplicit detailsSophisticated documentationof interior levels in working places, the transimssion loss of thefacade and the noise load in the surrounding areasof embedded and nested sources at building surfacesto find the most cost effective noise control conceptsuch as libraries, ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC

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    Casella - Model 62x Series - Digital Sound Level Meter - Datasheet

    Ideally suited to a wide range of industrial noise measurement applications. The 62x series sound level meters use the latest digital technology to give high standards of performance in a compact ...

    By Casella

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    Model 106- Automatic Control Valve with Anti-Cavitation Trim Brochure

    Cavitation, a common problem in pumps and control valves, causes wear and tear, and serious damage. Cavitation can dramatically reduce the lifetime of system components and repairs are extremely costly. Singer Valve’s Anti-Cavitation Trim is one of the most innovative products in the industry today. Our dual cage Anti-Cavitation Trim eliminates damage caused by cavitation and reduces noise ...

    By Singer Valve Inc.

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    doseBadge - Model CR:110A - Personal Noise Dosemeter - Brochure

    The doseBadge is the original wireless personal noise dosimeter. It is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provides a unique solution for these applications. Combining an innovative design with simple, robust and reliable operation, the doseBadge weighs only 51g/1.8oz. With no cables, controls or displays, the doseBadge can be worn in areas where ...

    By Cirrus Research plc

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    Trojan 2 Noise Nuisance Recorder Overview

    Simple, e?ective measurement of noise nuisance and environmental noise32Designed to meet the needs of Environmental Health O?cers, Housing Associations and anyone who needs to measure, monitor and record noise nuisance, the Trojan2 Noise Nuisance Recorder is both simple to use and easy to deploy.The Trojan was designed after consultation with existing customers and users of noise nuisance ...

    By Cirrus Research plc

  • Rosemount - Model 8707 - Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter Sensors Brochure

    Rosemount 8707 Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter Sensors are designed for stable flow measurement in the most difficult high-noise slurry applications. When combined with the Rosemount 8712H transmitter, this system reduces process variability by providing the most stable flow output available. The increased signal strength, coupled with advanced signal processing and superior filtering techniques ...

  • In-Line-Dampeners Brochure

    The process industry uses many regulating and control valves to control pressures and flows. Noise can be an unwanted by-product when using valves . In the piping this can attain 150/ 160 dB(A) thus forming a serious nuisance. Hearing damage and general discontent when the valves operate during the night are the results. By placing an in-line dampener directly after ...

    By Q.E. International B.V.

  • SVAN - Model 971 - Compact Sound Level Meter & Analyzer - Brochure

    The SVAN 971 is our smallest, most compact Type 1 Sound Level Meter (SLM). The SVAN 971 provides unprecedented capability in a highly-portable instrument ideal for many applications including industrial hygiene noise, short-term environmental noise, acoustic consultants, technical engineers and general noise measurements. Simple start/stop mode functionality allows users to quickly obtain ...

  • Soundscreen - Acoustical Panel Systems Brochure

    McGill AirSilence's four types of Soundscreen acoustical panel systems are used to solve a wide variety of noise control problems for both industrial and HVAC applications. The panels are designed and constructed to withstand the tough conditions of industrial manufacturing, and to meet the special pressure, temperature, and acoustical requirements of the HVAC industry. Typical industrial ...

    By McGill AirSilence LLC

  • Model KA20 - Globe Control Valve Brochure

    KA20 is a globe control valve designed to ensure perfect control of industrial fluid systems with operating pressures up to 105 bar. Designed according to ANSI standard, KA20 is available in carbon steel (WCC), Stainless Steel (CF8M) and special alloys materials on request (Duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, etc...) KA20 offers several configurations like: reduced bores, anti-noise and anti-cavitation ...

    By OMC s.r.l.

  • QuietFiber - Industrial Noise Absorption Material Brochure

    Engineered specifically for maximum noise absorbency and used extensively in the industrial and commercial field, QuietFiber is now being successfully introduced into non-industrial environments where reverberant sound and echo is a problem, ...

    By Acoustiblok International

  • Glaunach Company Profile - Brochure

    The Glaunach Company was founded in 1950 by Herbert Glaunach. At the beginning the company produced equipment for noise control in buildings and industrial plants. With the growing demand for equipment for noise control in industrial plants, the company reduced its activity to industrial noise control only. The vent-silencer, or also called blow-off silencer, had been improved and the ...

    By Glaunach GmbH

  • Acoustic Enclosures - Brochure

    As a leading supplier of industrial noise control BBM Akustik Technologie offers enclosures for all kind of noise source. For the reduction of noise made by machines and mechanical units, we deliver acoustic enclosures, tailor-made for the particular situation, for both indoor and outdoor use. We place highest value on stable, long-life design, ease in dismantling, and high acoustic ...

    By BBM-CPG Technology, Inc.

  • Scarlet - Model ST-130 - Noise Dosimeter - User Manual

    The ST-130/ST-130S is designed to test noise exposure in accordance with US Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), DOS, and ISO standards. Scarlet ST-130/ST-130S also provide fast and easy on-site surveys to help determine noise reduction requirements. The meter can also be ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd.

  • Scarlet - Model ST-130/S - Noise Dosimeter Brochure

    Need to measure the daily exposure of employees in hard to reach locations, who work shifts or who move about as part of their job? The Noise Dose Meter provides the ultimate solution. Scarlet ST-130 is small, lightweight, cable-free, and can be worn on the shoulder for minimal inconvenience. Noise dosimeters are ideal for industries where shifts are involved, such as construction (building ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd.

  • Sorba-Glas - Wall Blankets Brochure

    Industrial Noise Control, Inc. Sorba-Glas® Wall Blankets provide excellent noise absorption characteristics, durability and an ASTM-E84 Class I Fire Rating.  This product features an attractive, abrasion resistant quilted facing that is impervious to dirt, grease, solvents and airborne ...

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