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  • Fully-Concentric And Balanced Actuator
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    Fully-Concentric And Balanced Actuator

    By Rotork plc

    The CQ self-contained actuator is a fully concentric design based on a helical mechanism, transforming the linear motion of the piston into a quarter-turn rotation of the valve stem.

  • Linear Actuator
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    Linear Actuator

    By Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG

    LiMax - the slim all-cylindrical Linear actuator with Maximum force rating and a modular design uses an in-line layout of motor, planetary gearing and lead screw drive (or ball screw) to achieve a high force rating in ...

  • Motion control
    Showcase Product

    Motion control

    By GE Intelligent Platforms

    PACMotion is a high-performance multi-axis motion platform for GE`s RX3i PACSystems controller. The open standard, PLCopen development environment provides exceptional programming flexibility, dynamic motion changes and ...

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  • PT. Handal Wira Mandiri

    PT. Handal Wira Mandiri (HWM) Established in February 2002, HWM and also known as the Handal Consulting & Training is a leading engineering ...

  • R-V Industries, Inc.

    R-V Industries, Inc.

    R-V Industries is a leading industrial process equipment manufacturer, specializing in engineering and fabricating jacketed vessels, ASME pressure ...

  • Foraco International SA

    Foraco International SA

    Foraco International SA is a global drilling contractor providing innovative solutions for mining, energy, water and infrastructure projects across ...

  • Tri Tool Inc.

    Tri Tool Inc.

    Tri Tool Inc. has been the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools. Our tagline, “Building Performance” ...

  • Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited

    Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited

    Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider Limited is a leading provider on integrated safety consultancy solutions and services in all economic ...