Laboratory Decontamination

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  • Breathable Particle Protection Coveralls
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    Breathable Particle Protection Coveralls

    By Kimberly-Clark Professional

    KleenGuard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. Kleenguard A20 Breathable Particle Protection Coveralls with ...

  • High Performance Dry Wipes
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    High Performance Dry Wipes

    By eSpin Technologies, Inc

    eSpin manufactures and markets high performance dry wipes for critical cleaning needs. These wipes are useful in removing dry dust in wood shop, paint shop, and finishing operations. SimwYpes® non tacky, tack cloth, ...

  • Innovating Air Purification
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    Innovating Air Purification

    By Genano Oy

    The patented Genano technology purifies indoor air, removing even nano-sized particles contaminants while simultaneously neutralizing all VOC gases. Unlike the HEPA-filter products, Genano technology kills all microbes ...

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  • First Strike Environmental (FSE)

    First Strike Environmental (FSE)

    First Strike Environmental provides a full range of services designed to assist large or small companies, facility owners, property owners, public ...

  • Ambicare Industrial, S.A.

    Ambicare Industrial, S.A.

    AMBICARE works in market for treatment of insulating oils, focusing its activity on preservation of environmental resources, and using the most ...

  • DRS Laboratories, Inc.

    DRS Laboratories, Inc.

    DRS Laboratories, Inc. manufactures the Mini-CD System (MCS). The MCS is a portable, self-contained chlorine dioxide decontamination device. It is ...

  • Protect Environmental Services, Inc.

    Protect Environmental Services, Inc.

    Protect Environmental provides 24 Hour Emergency Response, Remediation, Confined Space Rescue, Terminal and Trailer cleanouts, Clandestine Drug Lab ...

  • Ammatech

    Provides room bio-decontamination service to laboratories and hospitals that requires up to 6-log reduction. Able to provide training and ...