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Legionella Control equipment for Health and Safety

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    2H SANIPACKING - Anti-Legionella Fills&Drift Eliminators

    Reduction Of Risk Of Legionella Pneumophila In Open Cooling Circuits; Time and again news report about outbreaks of legionella disease in areas near cooling towers. Careful water treatment, together with regular maintenance reduces the risk of bacteria growth in the cooling circuit. But one step more leads to an even higher performance of these ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Anti-Legionella Fills&Drift Eliminators Product line

  • Legionella Control

    Beta Pramesti has been working closely with Hydrochem Australia for more than 20 years.Hydro-Chem Australia has successfully minimised the risks associated with Legionella in Australia, with more than 3,000 active customers. Hydro-Chem’s experience has enabled it to develop the products, gain the expertise and implement the logistical ...

    By PT Beta Pramesti based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • rqmicro - Legionella Pneumophila Kits

    rqmicro developed these highly specific kits to simplify, accelerate and improve the detection of Legionella pneumophila in aqueous water samples from tap water to samples with highly complex matrices such as cooling tower water. The L. pneumophila Kits present a revolutionary solution for Legionella analysis and ...

    By rqmicro AG based in Schlieren, SWITZERLAND. from Legionella Pneumophila Kits Product line

  • Legionella Risk Assessment

    Feedwater specialises in legionella risk assessment and the provision of services to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease and help you comply with ACOP L8.

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Legionella Risk Assessment Product line

  • Mericon - Legionella Pneumophila Kit - For Specific Detection of Legionella Pneumophila

    The mericon L. pneumophila Kit is designed for the detection of Legionella pneumophila in water after filtration. The mericon L. pneumophila Kit can detect as few as 10 copies of L. pneumophila DNA in a reaction and exhibits high specificity. No cross-reactivity was observed with other pathogens using 2500 copies of tested DNA. Visit our website ...

  • Viroster - Disinfectant Powder

    Disinfectant of new generation with a broad spectrum of action. Thanks to its neutral pH it is compatible with all washable surfaces. It is safe for the environment, animals and humans.Use on washable surfaces of equipment, floors, walls, tables, furniture and environments in industrial and agri-food areas.

    By Newpharm s.r.l. based in Santa Giustina in Colle, ITALY. from Disinfectant Powder Product line

  • DPWM - Dental Unit Water Line Monitoring Kit

    'The Use of water in dentistry must comply with a series of regulations which are designed to ensure the safety of patients, staff and the public”. These Guidelines include HTM01;05, HTM01: 04, HSG 274 and L8 (The control of Legionella). The L8 document holds a special legal status in so far as if a practice does not follow the guidelines in ...

    By DPWM Ltd based in Walton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dental Unit Water Line Monitoring Kit Product line

  • rqmicro - Model SG1 - Legionella Pneumophila Kits

    rqmicro developed these highly specific kits to simplify, improve and accelerate the detection of Legionella pneumophila SG1. The L.p. SG1 Kits present a revolutionary solution for Legionella analysis and thus open a new chapter in the field of pathogen detection and in the monitoring of water quality.

    By rqmicro AG based in Schlieren, SWITZERLAND. from Legionella Pneumophila Kits Product line

  • Clearitas - Model 350 - Oxidized Chlorine Formulation

    Clearitas 350 is EPA-registered for use as a primary disinfectant in legionella prevention. Clearitas 350 is used by hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities in remediating legionella and other waterborne pathogens and preventing future occurrences by removing the scale and biofilms that harbor pathogens like legionella . Vital to any ...

    By Blue Earth Labs based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Oxidized Chlorine Formulation Product line

  • Legionella Risk Management

    HydroChem is recognised throughout Australia for its success in minimising the risks associated with Legionella. HydroChem’s extensive experience in this area has enabled us to develop specific products, gain expertise and implement the logistical measures necessary to prevent outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease. Our capabilities in this area ...

    By Hydro-Chem Pty Ltd based in Cheltenham, AUSTRALIA.

  • Electronic Log Book

    Nant Limited utilises an online logbook and management system that allows easy maintenance and presentation of the Legionella control and water safety records. Electronic Log Book enables one to: Manage site details and responsible persons. Access to Legionella Risk Assessments, Audits and Service Documents. Email out of spec alerts and when tasks ...

    By Nant Ltd based in Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Legionella - Model Safe Series - UV Disinfection System

    The Legionella-Safe series is the user-friendly guardian in legionella management. The Legionella-Safe series is the user-friendly point of entry guardian in legionella management. Not only does it prevent legionella contamination, your organisation is also able to save on energy and labour. With the L-Safe systems, you have pre-filters, UV units, ...

    By Van Remmen UV Technology based in Wijhe, NETHERLANDS.

  • NORKEM - Securox

    A simpler, safer way for ClO2 on demand. Our innovative Securox makes the use of ClO2 simpler, safer and most importantly, cost effective. Securox has many built in features, that can be adapted to your specific application: ie. cooling towers, food industries, oil industries and more. Securox has been adopted in more and more countries as a state ...

    By NORKEM INC. based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • LPB eradication of bacteria

    Elgressy’s LPB system facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms, including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria, in hot water systems. The system is based on an electrochemical process, which reduces significantly the buildup of sediment and scale within hot water systems. Prevention of scale buildup and precipitation ...

    By Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. based in Tel Mond, ISRAEL.

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