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  • Realisticstable Water-In-Oil Emulsions at Ohmsett

    Realisticstable Water-In-Oil Emulsions at Ohmsett

    ABSTRACT This paper discusses the first two phases of a multiphase study to create predictable stable water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions at Ohmsett including a lab study and a large tank-scale study. The first stage of the study refined the process of creating, characterizing, and testing small batches of W/O emulsions under controlled and reproducible conditions in the laboratory to determine if t


  • Rutter launches sigma S6 WaveVision

    Rutter launches sigma S6 WaveVision

    Climate change is real. We witness its effects almost every day. And nowhere is its impact being felt, observed, and measured more than on our oceans. Rising sea levels, polar ice melt, and devastating storms are just some of the issues facing ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydrostatic Level Measurement

    Hydrostatic Level Measurement

    Pressure sensor with Contite measuring cell for hydrostatic level measurement. The Deltapilot FMB53 is a cable version with mounting clamp. This device with the Contite measuring cell is typically used in the environmental industries. It is made for level measurement in liquid and paste-like media in open or closed containers and unaffected by possible foam formation. For use in SIL2 safety ...