Medical Waste Disposal

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  • Two Shaft Shredder
    Showcase Product

    Two Shaft Shredder

    By Harden Machinery Ltd.

    TD subseries shredders are the honorable product of Harden Marchinery. They are best selling used in wide range of applications, especially suitable for shredding scrap metals, scarp automobilesm industrial(hazardous) ...

  • Double shaft shredder for sale
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    Double shaft shredder for sale

    By Harden Machinery Ltd.

    Harden has the experience of the manufacturers from Germany and Italy with 16 years of develpment in China. Two shaft shredders reduce size of materials via shear, tear, and crush.We know what is the most suitable ...

  • Large Medical Incinerator (2000Kg)
    Showcase Product

    Large Medical Incinerator (2000Kg)

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

    With a 4.18m3 load capacity the GM2000 medical incinerator is among one of the largest low capacity in the Addfield range. Due to the nature of its size the GM2000 machine is ideal for bulk disposal of a wide range of ...

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  • Incinerator Consultants Incorporporated

    Incinerator Consultants Incorporporated

    INCINERATOR CONSULTANTS INCORPORATED (ICI) is an engineering firm specializing in incinerator systems technology and other thermal processes for ...

  • HiTemp Technology LLC

    HiTemp Technology LLC

    Since 1982, HiTemp Technology Corporation (HTT) manufactures custom, high-temperature catalysts, fume incinerators and oxidizer systems featuring ...

  • Therm-Tec Inc.

    Therm-Tec Inc.

    Therm-Tec, Inc. Specializes in Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing State-Of-The-Art Equipment for Human Cremators and Animal Cremators, General ...

  • Consutech Systems, LLC

    Consutech Systems, LLC

    CONSUTECH SYSTEMS LLC is a privately held company with corporate and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A., continuing the 35 year ...

  • Sanitec ltd

    Services: Bio medical waste disposal, steam autoclaving, shredding, incinerating.We provide ...