Medical Waste Disposal

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Bio Hazardous Waste and Incineration

    Bio Hazardous Waste and Incineration

    20 to 25 percent of the total waste generated by healthcare establishments is regarded as hazardous and may create a variety of health and environmental risks if not managed and destroyed in an appropriate manner. With the large number of health care facilities and hospitals increasing all around the globe, hazardous waste management and disposal is becoming a serious problem. What Is Bio ...

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Zone Incineration

    Humanitarian and Disaster Zone Incineration

    Humanitarian crises can develop from a number of events. Typically, these are conflicts, war, natural disasters and disease outbreak. In situations where humanitarian crises take place, countries and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Medical Waste Incinerator

    Medical Waste Incinerator

    The i8-M20 is the first in our line of specialist "M" incinerators which are optimised for medical waste disposal. The addition of a dedicated PLC control panel, I.D. fan and increased insulation improves performance and provides all-round suitability for many different types of medical, clinical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste streams. This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with ...