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Mercury Recycling equipment for Health and Safety

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    Mercury - Model 3000 IP - Tracker

    Avoid problems related to mercury contamination ! The Mercury Tracker 3000 IP is a leightweight, compact and rugged instrument for measuring the mercury concentration in air. Applications include: Health & safety, Occupational hygiene, Work place monitoring,  Mercury spills screening, Mercury surveys, Investigation of contaminated sites, ...

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Tracker Product line

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    Mercury - Model AULA-254 Gold - Automatic Mercury Analyzer

    The AULA 254 is used for fully automatic determination of mercury traces in liquid samples and sample digests. The instrument carries out routine analysis: sample after sample following exactly the preselected procedure thus increasing efficiency and productivity of your lab.

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Automatic Mercury Analyzer Product line

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    Tekran - Model 2750 - Methyl Mercury Distillation System

    Tekran Instrument Corporation introduces the new Tekran Model 2750 Methyl Mercury Distillation System. The Tekran 2750 is designed to be compact and modular, reducing the required bench top footprint and scaling to your particular sample throughput. The system features a precision controlled aluminum heating block, and actively cooled water bath, ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Methyl Mercury Distillation System Product line

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    UV254 - Portable and Field Dip Probe

    The dip probe can be submerged by hand for portable measurements at different locations, left fixed in an open channel for continuous measurement, or floated for example on a river.

    By Photonic Measurements Ltd based in Lisburn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model Hypercure200 - UV Spot Curing System

    HC-200 is an ideal UV spot curing system to cure UV Curing adhesive or UV curing ink. The lamp HC-200 uses is a high power Mercury-Xenon Lamp, and we cut Infrared wavelength to avoid building up heat of target under curing. Our proprietary lamp alignment method will not require to turn the lamp on for optical alignment. It will be safe and easy to ...

    By Yamashita Denso based in TOKYO, JAPAN. from UV Spot Curing System Product line

  • Doped Lamps

    The values shown are averages, they vary depending on operating conditions and lamp fillings. Non-doped medium-pressure mercury lamps mainly emit in the UVC spectrum. They are ideal for disinfection purposes or graphic applications.

    By eta plus electronic gmbh & co kg based in NĂ¼rtingen, GERMANY. from Doped Lamps Product line

  • High Output (HO) Quartz Lamps

    Light Sources and LightTech High Output (HO) lamps yield up to 66% more UV output when compared to standard lamps of the same length. HO lamps offer system designers unique opportunities to decrease the number of lamps required without compromising functionality of the system. This has the added potential benefits of reduced system footprint, ...

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from High Output (HO) Quartz Lamps Product line

  • Soft Glass Lamps

    Soft glass lamps are specialty 254nm UVC emitting soft glass germicidal lamps. They operate on a variety of current (180 to 1,700mA inputs) and offer maximum efficiency in producing UVC radiation at 254nm. We offer custom configurations to meet OEM requirements. Standard soft glass lamps are available in T4, T5, T6, T8 and T12 bodies. At our glass ...

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Soft Glass Lamps Product line

  • ZED - Model D-VUV 185nm - Digital Sensor

    The digital sensor D-VUV 185nm is intended to be used for checking ozone producing low pressure mercury UV lamps. The measurement is performed in air, the sensor front is placed directly on the lamp surface. The sensor comprises a highly sensitive and stable phototube with spectral response between 120-220nm and extremely low response at 254nm. ...

    By Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH (ZED) based in Langewiesen, GERMANY. from Digital Sensor Product line

  • Mercury Relay Recycling Kits

    Featuring a unique relationship with NEMA and UPS Ground, this program is designed to offer a convenient and safe method of disposing of mercury relays. Pre-paid recycling kits contain everything needed to ship used mercury relays to Bethlehem for processing. Recycling container will hold up to 5 relays. Shipping box and recycling container ...

    By Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc. based in Hellertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Shipping Containers for Recycling Mercury Waste

    Bethlehem Apparatus has developed several shipping containers to facilitate safe, convenient recycling of mercury waste. By using our DOT and U.N. approved containers, you can be assured that your waste packaging is in full compliance with government regulations.

    By Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc. based in Hellertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Tiger-Vac - Model MRV-1000 SS Series - Pharma - Mercury Recovery Vacuum Cleaner

    Stainless steel SAE 304 recovery tank. These units contain a true HEPA Filter (H14) located upstream of the motor and a true ULPA Filter (U15) located downstream of the motor. These units are designed for mercury recovery and include Mersorb brand activated carbon for the adsorption of mercury vapors. A mercury separator and jars with lids are ...

    By Tiger-Vac Inc. (USA) based in Dania, FLORIDA (USA). from Pharma - Mercury Recovery Vacuum Cleaner Product line

  • Model AF-610D2 HPLC-VG-AFS - Speciation Analyzer

    Low cost and perfect performance for speciation and total amount analysis of heavy metal elements, comparable to ICP-MS. High automation speciation analysis, realizing control of the whole system (including HPLC separation system) with single software.

  • Dental Amalgam Filter Chamber

    For filtration of dental waste water. Material: PVC.

    By Serfilco International Ltd based in Northbrook, ILLINOIS (USA). from Dental Amalgam Filter Chamber Product line

  • Herborn - Mercury Distilling Plant

    Mercury Distilling Plant for fluorescent powder and mercury containing material. The recycling material (stored in metal barrels) is manually connected with a special docking system to the evaporator. After feeding of the evaporator the heating process starts. The principle is a vacuum evaporation with product temperatures of appr. 350°C. The ...

    By Herborn GmbH Lamp Recycling based in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, GERMANY.

  • SolmeteX - Model NXT Hg5 mini - Amalgam Separator

    Accommodates up to 4 operatories. Dimensions 25″h x 11″w x 8″d. 3/4″ inlet and outlet piping. Fernco couplers for easy install. Floor/wall mount brackets provided. Designed specifically to fit under a counter.

    By SolmeteX based in Northborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Amalgam Separator Product line

  • Low Stroke High Pressure UV Lamps

    Low pressure mercury lamps produce monochromatic radiation at 254 nm wavelength which makes them ideal for disinfection and sterilisation applications. These lamps have an operating lifetime of up to 12,000 hours and convert up to 40% of the lamp’s electrical power into UVC, offering an efficient and cost-effective alternative to medium ...

    By Alpha-Purify based in Woodford Halse, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AquiSense PEARLBEAM - Collimating Beam Device

    Each bacteria, virus or spore has a unique sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Accurate determination of exposure times and wavelengths is a key step in characterizing cell behavior for any researcher or system designer.  Collimating Beam Devices are a critical tool in providing a standardized unit of measurement for UV exposure.

    By AquiSense Technologies based in Erlanger, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • Low Pressure Mercury Lamps

    Low pressure mercury lamps (LP Hg lamp) are highly efficient in providing short wavelength ultraviolet energy.  Forty percent of the lamp’s electrical power is converted into UVC radiation for germicidal applications.

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Manual Cutter And Crusher

    Cutter for bulb-type or compact and circular-type fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, and special-purpose fluorescent lamp.

    By Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., LTD. based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

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