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  • Digital 3 Point FFT Correlation
    Showcase Product

    Digital 3 Point FFT Correlation

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH

    With our LOKAL 200 PC we introduce the most modern and strongest Correlator available. Thanks to his precipitous analogous filters and the dissipations function developed by the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute it ...

  • Compact Noise Monitoring Terminal
    Showcase Product

    Compact Noise Monitoring Terminal

    By Norsonic AS

    The Nor1530 noise monitoring terminal is a robust, cost efficient solution for your outdoor noise monitoring.

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  • Gutermann AG

    Gutermann AG

    GUTERMANN is the water industry`s leading manufacturer and innovator of leak detection equipment and smart water loss management systems. We cover ...

  • SoundPLAN International LLC

    SoundPLAN International LLC

    SoundPLAN is the leading noise and air pollution planning and mapping software for 29 years. Use SoundPLAN to map and assess any transportation, ...

  • Analytik Jena AG

    Analytik Jena AG

    Analytik Jena is a leading provider of high-end analytical measuring technology, instruments, and products in the fields of biotechnology and ...