Noise Modeling

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  • Condenserless Chiller
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    Condenserless Chiller

    By Hitema International

    Condenserless chiller ENRC.280 for indoor installation, with open frame 800mm of width able to pass through a door. Chiller without tank and with double pump, with two plate evaporators and with compressors jackets to ...

  • Diffusers
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    By Q.E. International (Q.E.I.)

    Valves cause pressure drop in gas or steam networks which are usually accompanied by high levels of noise generation, Reducing this pressure drop also reduces the generated noise. We provide ...

  • Precision Noise Generator
    Showcase Product

    Precision Noise Generator

    By ACO Pacific, Inc.

    The Model 3025, "Extremely Random" Precision Noise Generator supplies White and Pink Noise, and a 1 kHz reference signal. Crystal controlled - the pseudo random circuitry provides a 6.5 Day pseudo-random cycle time, ...

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  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780387759609.jpg

    Wavelet Methods in Statistics with R

    Wavelet methods have recently undergone a rapid period of development with important implications for a number of disciplines including statistics. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • SoundPLAN International LLC

    SoundPLAN International LLC

    SoundPLAN is the leading noise and air pollution planning and mapping software for 29 years. Use SoundPLAN to map and assess any transportation, ...

  • Softnoise GmbH

    Softnoise GmbH

    Softnoise GmbH is a joint venture between the Dutch company DGMR Software B.V. and the German company Stapelfeldt Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Both ...

  • NoiseMap Ltd

    NoiseMap Ltd

    NoiseMap is designed, developed, marketed and supported in-house by NoiseMap Ltd, which is run by Roger Tompsett, a former Technical Director of ...

  • Noise Mapping Australia Pty Ltd. (NMA)

    Noise Mapping Australia Pty Ltd. (NMA) is based in Brisbane and provides consulting services. Working with some of Australia’s largest companies and ...


    Mapsounds, for Relevant Acoustical Simulation and Noise Mapping in the EnvironmentMAPSOUNDS is the leading software for calculation, presentation, ...